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Ever fancied looking like James Bond in a tuxedo? Now you can thanks to Dinner-Suit

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From time to time, we like to introduce new and useful blogs to our readers. Today, we share Dinner-Suit, a formal wear site from across the pond. In their own words:

Dinner-suit are one of the leading formal wear experts online. The editorial team have been providing information and advice on how to look the part and dress the part since 2009. If you have a formal event such as a wedding, rewards ceremony or cruise coming up then we suggest you take a look at all the resources available from their site.

The site is split into various product specific categories such as Tuxedos, Dress shirts, Morning dress, Accessories etc. that rate various online retailers in order to find you the best bargains. There are useful articles in the art of how to dress appropriately such as ‘Correctly tying a bow tie’, ‘How to dress for the races’ or ‘How to fold a handkerchief’. On top of this there are numerous help guides for grooms and best men looking for advice including ‘how to buy the ring’, ‘book the honeymoon’ and ‘speech making.

Put it this way if you are looking for deals on tuxedo suits or simply want a helpful guide on formal wear wear for men than look no further than Dinner-suit.

Have you researched wedding attire online? What blogs or websites have you found useful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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