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Expert Forum: Favorite Groom Summer Wedding Accessory

With summer right around the corner, it’s time for warm weather grooms to start thinking about which accessories they’ll be utilizing on their wedding day. To help get the conversation started, we asked a few of our favorite wedding industry experts to chime in on the topic. photo credit: long’s photography

groom summer wedding accessories

What’s your favorite way for the groom to accessorize for a summer wedding?

BRIAN LEAHY (Founder, The Groom Says)

The secret to summer accessorizing is not what you wear but what you don’t. If you think you’re sweating up there at the altar, how do you think Groom Jr. feels? So in the chaos of getting ready, take a minute to remember the ring but conveniently forget the boxer briefs. You may not be a free man anymore, but at least you can free-ball your way through the most important day in your life.

On a serious note … grooms should check out Good Heavens, Cape Town-based designers with affordable, all-cotton, summer-approved neckwear (I get compliments on my GH tie every time I wear it).

KARA HORNER (Blogger, The Man Registry)

Depending on the style of wedding, grooms can give a nod to the season with a pair of fabric or rope knot cufflinks that have a nautical feel to them. I also like to see the groom in lighter-colored suit (think gray, tan or khaki) in the summer months. That way, he can still look dapper and be a little more comfortable when it’s warmer outside. Think this or this.

IAN (Founder, A Groom’s Diary)

I’m not going to pretend to be a “guy’s guy.” I love sports but really only play golf and go to the gym.  I own tools but don’t really know how to use them.  And I definitely spend more on dry-cleaning every month than I do on guns and ammo, but I draw the line at “accessorizing.” If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “I really need a ______ to spice up this outfit.”, it is probably time to talk to your counselor about your parents not signing you up for team sports as a child.

SHARON NAYLOR (Wedding Author,

With brides adding color to their summertime looks, in vivid aquamarine earrings or coral bangle bracelets, grooms also get a chance to Color It Up by skipping the ‘groom wears a white tie, vest and boutonniere flower’ and being the guy in the colored tie and boutonniere while his guys wear the all-white. We’re not talking 1980s promlike neons. We’re talking a long tie in that aquamarine or coral, or subtle aquamarine stripes in that black tie. Just a little pop of color. You might even use colored button covers or colorful cufflinks. One of the greatest summertime colorworks I’ve ever seen was the groom’s tie and flower chosen to match his own to-die-for light blue eyes, with the bride coordinating her blue earrings to match. Talk about a wedding photo pop of color!

Now that you’ve heard what our experts have to say, it’s your turn to chime in. What’s your favorite summertime wedding accessory for the groom (or bride)?

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  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m seeing lots of canvas in women’s fashions coming out, and I think that is good news for summer grooms. Canvas, seersucker, linens….in beige and tan suits with light weight canvas shoes and more summery jacket-less looks are great for summer. I love a clever tie or embroidered handkerchief that is subtle rather than distracting.

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