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25 Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

alternative bachelor party ideas

Regardless of what the best man may think, it’s the groom who gets final say on what style of bachelor party he’ll have. If the man of the hour isn’t feeling the bar or strip club scene, don’t fret. There are countless other opportunities for fun and debauchery. Here are 25 of our favorite:

1. Shooting range
2. Camping/fishing trip
3. Action movie marathon
4. Skydiving
5. Ultimate Frisbee/Disc Golf
6. Scavenger hunt
7. Flag football tournament
8. Wine/beer/whiskey tasting
9. White water rafting trip
10. Concert of a favorite band
11. ATV rental
12. Sporting event
13. Golf outing or Top Golf party
14. Video game marathon
15. NASCAR experience
16. Grilling or culinary class
17. Group trip to the barbershop, classic shaves for everyone
18. Paintball
19. Man vs. Food tour of your city or state
20. Ski/snowboarding trip
21. Wiffle ball!
22. Casino night
23. Learn how to play Rugby
24. Rodeo School
25. Spontaneous road trip: rent a classic convertible and hit the road with no specific destination in mind

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