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Phillip Press: Tips on Buying Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

Many couples are overwhelmed by the choices of engagement and wedding rings. With a little effort, you can become a knowledgeable buyer, and more confident in choosing the right rings for you. Educate yourself not only about diamonds, but also about metals and jewelry workmanship. From personally guiding thousands of couples in choosing or custom-designing their rings, I learned to focus individuals on what’s most important: 1) the quality of the materials used; 2) the craftsmanship; and 3) designs that match tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

Primo halo heart ring

Primo Halo Heart Ring by Phillip Press

Superior quality is important in both the gemstones as well as the precious metal chosen. When choosing a precious metal, know that platinum is the highest standard. PLAT 950, meaning that 95% of the alloy is platinum, is a higher grade than PLAT 900. Platinum is hypoallergenic and its natural white color makes diamonds look incredibly white. Platinum is 60 percent denser than 14k gold and more substantial. White gold is never truly white and must be plated to become similar in color to platinum. However, this plating wears-off over time, requiring additional upkeep and expense. We strongly recommend 950 PLAT for anyone seeking heirloom-quality bridal rings.

When it comes to diamonds, we recommend gemstones that are ideally cut, certified by a recognized diamond-grading organization, and of at least I color and SI-2 quality, or better if your budget permits. The quality of any smaller diamonds in your ring is equally important. If you want diamonds that are sustainably mined or recycled from an estate collection, ask for it.

Fine craftsmanship in your bridal rings is also essential. You will wear them every day so they must be well made and durable, as well as stylish. There are several questions about craftsmanship to explore:

1) Is the ring wholly made by hand, partially handcrafted or caste and mass produced?

2) Where are the rings made and what is the skill and experience of the artisans creating the ring?

3) Does the designer have its own workshop? Are they a jeweler themselves and are they directly involved in the process of making the ring?

4) Is the manufacturer a master at working in platinum, which requires additional talents and different tools than goldsmithing?

5) What is the reputation of the manufacturer for quality, consistency and originality?

Review online information and ask many questions. Understand the level of craftsmanship and assess value based on the quality of the materials, workmanship, and price, not just a designer brand name.

Finally, the style of the rings you choose should suit your everyday lives and exude your personal signature. Narrow down your ring choices with the following questions:

1) Do you love modern or vintage, or a combination of the two?
2) Do you prefer glamorous and unique or simple and traditional?
3) Describe your dream ring.
4) What price range is most comfortable for your budget?
5) What diamond shape is your favorite?

With a little homework, you will be poised and ready to choose the perfect rings that you will love today and for many years to come.

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  1. David Says:

    The quality of the metal and price are what’s most important for me. I decided to go with a tungsten wedding band. It is extremely durable and suprisingly cheap. (most of the ring budget went to my wife’s anyway).

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