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Going Stag: Stephen Stagliano’s Wedding [Part 2]

Today brings a conclusion to Going Stag: our two-day look at life, weddings and marriage via a conversation between Earl Anderson (Mr. Frostings) and Stephen Stagliano. If you haven’t done so yet, check out part 1. Photos are courtesy of Callaway Gable, please do not steal/crop!

Mr. Frostings: Having talked with DeAnna throughout the process, I was surprised how calm she was.  Your support obviously was a big help. Your groomsmen put on a great show for the reception. I laughed until I cried. How did that come about?

stephen stagliano groomsmen wedding dancestagliano pappas groomsmen wedding dance

Stephen Stagliano: Hahahaha! Yes they did! In my humbled and biased opinion, I believe I had the best groomsmen in the history of weddings! The dance actually came about from a high school tradition that my brother and I were involved in US Funk Mob. As the last act of  of our high school’s talent show, a group of upper-classmen performed this kind of dance for over 20 years. The group starts out wearing the same baggy track suit with everyone having specific costumes on underneath. The act opens with a group dance, but two or three members duck out in the middle to change in to their costumes. When the music changes, the two come back out to perform their dance (typically always something funny…ballerinas, Mario bros, tap dance etc.) while the rest of the group does something small together in the background. Then the two join back in with the group for another group dance and two more shuffle out to go change and start the process again.  For years it blew the roof off every night so Michael and I decided to incorporate it in my wedding….mind bomb…BOOM.

stagliano pappas wedding receptionstephen stagliano pink tutu wedding

MrF: Here is the video, folks. Remember this was a surprise to everyone, including the amazing folks at Imagique Weddings.

This is just a short clip, so go to Imagique to get the whole video!

deanna pappas bride kissing groom

Ok Stephen, ready for the lightning round? How many seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette have you actually watched?

SS: I have watched Jillian’s (obviously), Jake’s, Allie’s, Brad’s, and Ashely’s and night one of DeAnna’s season. I also watched two of her hometown dates to see what we were into for Michael’s hometown on Jill’s season.

So I have seen 5-3/10ths of the Bachelor/Bachelorette!

MrF: Your favorite DeAnna look: red carpet or grungy sweats/t-shirt?

SS: Oh man, I honestly think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Yes she cleans up well for the red carpet, but I have to go with the sweats and t-shirt when we are alone together in our apartment.

MrF: Worst meal DeAnna has cooked?

SS: I honestly can’t think of one. She is a really good cook!

MrF: Which Pappas family member you would chose for a cross country road trip?

SS: T-Pap for sure…her older brother Thomas.

MrF: Secret male Bachelorette contestant crush.

SS: Graham Bunn…I know, I know

MrF: Secret female Bachelor contestants crush?

SS: DeAnna Pappas…

MrF: Ok, Mr Politically Correct, BESIDES DeAnna who is your favorite female contestant or Bachelorette?

SS: Okay, okay…I honestly really liked Jillian. She fit right in with our family and her and Michael really did seem to have something. I hope there is still something there between those two!

MrF: Your three favorite movies?

SS: The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Tommy Boy

MrF: Have you ever considered being on the Wipe Out TV show? You would be awesome.

SS: OMG…everyday! I would LOVE To be on Wipeout and/or Ninja Warrior. Let’s face it, they are the same show…

MrF: I understand you and your brother design board games. What was your favorite one?

SS: We do! Super nerdy, but very fun! My favorite game is called Spritual Warfare. The concept actually came from a series at our church about the supernatural that was awesome! It has a very unique game mechanic that combines elements from D&D, Ticket to Ride, and Settlers of Catan. We have prototyped the game and are hoping to have it published soon.

Ok, one for you Mr. Frostings!  How many seasons of the Bachelor/ette have you watched?

MrF: I have watched every single season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, plus both seasons of Bachelor Pad. I guess its safe to say, I’m a fan.

When the first season started, I was going through a painful divorce and needed to see the romance and that love could work. It turns out that the show has not produced many successes with the final two. But, it’s the POSSIBILITY of finding true love that keeps me coming back. The show has changed since people have learned that it might be a stepping-stone to some sort of entertainment career. But, I think the casting is clever and the show does know what works. Every season is filled with great characters. The dream may have died, but the train wreck continues!

deanna pappas stephen stagliano wedding cake

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I want to thank Stephen for taking the time to hang out with me and talk about his life, love and marriage. Thanks also to the amazing Brian Callaway at Callaway Gable for his beautiful photos and Daniel Boswell at Imagique for his awesome video. Special thanks to DeAnna Pappas Stagliano for sharing her husband with me for a short time!

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