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Being Man of the House

man of the house

Are you man of the house?

One of the biggest steps taken by new grooms as they enter into married life is that most of them truly become the “man of the house” for the first time ever. This isn’t always the case, of course, depending on how each groom has grown up. However, for the most part, newly married men face the situation of being the strongest male presence in a home for the first time, and many quickly realize that this position in a home comes with many responsibilities, not all of which come naturally or are easily fulfilled. Particularly if there are only two people in the house, there is a great deal that is expected of the man in helping to maintain the house and yard, fix problems, etc.

Some grooms begin to fully realize the extent to which they will soon be responsible for household activities at their weddings as they begin to receive all kinds of gifts geared toward domestic improvement – tool kits, outdoor appliances, tools for making and maintaining the bar, etc. Just as new couples receive kitchen equipment, and things of that nature, following their weddings, there are also certain materials that require more setup and application, and much of this tends to fall to the man. Following this is many grooms’ secret fear: that they won’t be able to do the things expected of them due to a lack of experience! After all, it is not simply in a man’s DNA to be good with tools….

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It is important to remember, as you become man of the house, that not everything comes naturally. It is normal to feel the need to figure things out for yourself, as you want to appear responsible and capable. However, in the interest of perfecting activities and practices for the future, as well as keeping your house in top shape, there is no shame in exploring assistance for some of the more difficult or unfamiliar household activities. Before long, you’ll be proud of the role you’ve embraced.

In what ways have you become or do you plan on becoming “man of the house” after the wedding? Tell us in the comments section below.

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