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For Guys Looking for Somewhere to Help, Start With The Printing

Today’s post comes courtesy of our friends at Next Day Flyers. They’ve got some helpful tips on place card holder and save-the-date savings — so pay attention!

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So is your fiancée running around like crazy trying to plan every last detail of the upcoming wedding? Of course she is. She wants everything to be perfect. But that’s why you love her right?  Perhaps you could help her out with a detail or two.  It will make both your lives much more pleasant. Start with the printing needs. There’s a great online printer, Next Day Flyers, who is offering folded business cards which work great as place card holders.  The best part about ordering these cards is the low price tag. As we all know any product related to weddings is automatically given a higher price tag. A bit of a wedding markup is always factored in. These folded business cards however aren’t specifically marketed as wedding place card holders. They are nonetheless a card that’s the exact same size as a place holder but given a different name.  Thus you’re not stabbed in the gut with the high price tag. You can get a set of 100 for less than $40, which should help keep you aligned with your budget.

If you haven’t sent out save the date announcements yet, once again you should avoid going to printing companies specializing in wedding needs. Just find an online printing company offering postcards. The bigger name printers will have a tool on their site to allow you to create and design your announcement online. How hard is it to upload a photo of you and your significant other, add a personalized message and order? It’s not hard at all, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  A set of 100 4”x6” postcards can be purchased for less than $25.  So before your wife-to-be starts nagging you even further, take some initiative and get a couple things done. It will help her out, and you’ll come out looking like a hero.


This post presented by Next Day Flyers.

Guys: are you getting involved with the design and printing of the wedding or rehearsal dinner invitations? Share your printing experience in the comment section below.

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