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My Favorite Posts From The Groom Says

This is not the greatest blog post in the world. This is just a tribute.

The wedding blogging community was hammered with some rough news earlier this week when my good friend Brian Leahy announced that he’ll be significantly scaling things back on The Groom Says blog. While the site isn’t being completely shuttered, new TGS posts will be few and far between as Brian focuses on bigger goals (like his lifelong dream of becoming a professional bull rider). For the past few years, Brian’s original and snarky writing style has inspired and entertained both grooms and fellow industry folk alike. It’s no secret that there aren’t many groom-centric wedding resources… and this week we lost one of the best.

In lieu of an embarrassing roast, today I honor Brian by sharing some of his greatest hits. You hardcore TGS fans will notice one post that’s missing. Trust me, I tried to track it down. I searched for it in the deepest, uncharted corners of cyberspace. Sadly, I fear it has disappeared into the abyss. That being said, try these gems on for size:

Honey, Where’s My Harness, or “the Man-gerie Post”

Real Groom Issues: Proposal Pressure

Taking the Scenic Route to the Rehearsal Dinner (guest post for GroomsAdvice)

Thinking Outside the Boutonniere Box (guest post for GroomsAdvice)

e-Groom: Another Role for Men Who Can’t Design But Can Type Real Groom

Groom Points: The Scorecard (when we knew for certain that this guy was for real)

Putting the “Fest” Back in “Infestation”: How to Avoid Bed Bugs on Your Wedding Night (guest post for GroomsAdvice)

Dozens of other entries warranted consideration. Instead of posting them all here, I encourage you to head over to The Grooms Says where all posts are permanently archived.

As I write this, the Yankees are down 3-2 to the Tigers in Game 5 of the ALDS. Brian, I’ve always tried to jab you as often as possible for being a Yankee fan. Do I feel bad about it? No. Tonight, however, I’m on your side. Let’s go Yanks!

Brian The Groom Says Headshot

We’ll miss you, Madman. Godspeed.

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