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Wedding Bands: Your Ultimate Accessory, Long After the Wedding From Tacori

In this month’s guest feature from Platinum Guild, we take a look at Tacori platinum and diamond wedding bands for the bride and groom. If you’re on the fence on what type of band you and your bride will be wearing — we highly suggest taking a look. Cheers!

Tacori His and Hers Bands

TACORI designers create platinum and diamond wedding bands for the Bride and Groom that are uniquely united through matching crescent silhouette design elements.

Have you made your most important wedding purchase?  Long after your wedding, when the flowers are gone, the cake has been eaten, and the dress safely stored…your wedding rings will be the ultimate visible and lasting symbol of your commitment.

From the wedding day onward, wedding bands are an enduring symbol of eternal passion.  While many brides and grooms plan key wedding items months in advance – it’s importance to place the same amount of serious thought and planning into the purchase of wedding bands.

Paul Tacorian Tacori Designer

Tacori Designer Paul Tacorian

TACORI designer Paul Tacorian knows a thing or two about timeless designs.  His family business, TACORI, has been designing engagement rings and wedding bands for three generations.

“Wedding rings are a symbol of your marriage that’s with you always,” says Paul Tacorian. “Wedding bands may indeed be THE ultimate accessory of your lifetime.  It’s the mark of a lifelong connection, and your wedding ring will reflect your passion and commitment every day of your life.”

Continues Tacorian, “TACORI prefers to use platinum in any design that is being set with diamonds – from engagement rings and wedding bands to earrings, pendants and bracelets – because the pure white metal reflects the quality of our colorless diamonds best.”

“Also, and this is important – we’ve found that the majority of TACORI brides request platinum for their engagement and wedding rings; and something to think about when purchasing the wedding band is to choose the same metal for your engagement and wedding rings, because these two rings will be sitting together and should have the same metallurgical properties in order to avoid scratches or nicks between the two rings.”

When selecting your wedding band, also consider its long lasting quality. When you say “I Do,” you want your bridal jewelry to last as long as you’re enduring commitment. Because a key property of a platinum wedding band is its durability — it doesn’t ever wear away; making it ideal for rings that will be worn every day or handed down as family heirlooms.

Like your relationship, platinum endures over time, so your rings will look just as breathtaking 10 years from now as they did on your wedding day.

Looking for your Perfect Match?  Simply answering these six questions to find perfect wedding bands that reflect your unique style:

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How much thought have you put into the type of metal that your wedding band will be made of? Has your research focused on platinum? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below.

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