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Easy Canvas Prints Make Great Wedding Gifts

In search of that special wedding gift? Photo to canvas prints from might be just what you’re looking for. This easy-to-use service allows you to upload a photo from your computer and create a unique canvas print within minutes. Whether it’s an engagement shot, wedding photo or just an image of the wedding party hanging out before the wedding… you’re photos will look fantastic and serve as a memorable gift for the bride and groom.

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EasyCanvasPrints (like this one) are a great gift to the bride & groom or a unique thank you gift for attendants.

EasyCanvasPrints gives you a plethora of options to play around with when creating your canvas. Sizing ranges from 8″x8″ to 30″x40″. You can also select a depth of 3/4″ or 1.5″ AND choose between three edge options (image wrap, mirror wrap, and color border). Additionally, color finishing (black and white or sepia) and image retouching is offered to help refine the print. Given all of these tools, there’s no excuse for you not to create a fantastic print that will proudly be hung on the wall for years to come.

EasyCanvasPrints is currently offering 25% off all canvas prints plus free ground shipping. So what are you waiting for? Get over there now!

easy canvas print wedding gift

Side view of canvas featuring image wrap.

Have you jumped into the canvas craze? Leave a comment below and tell us what your ideal canvas print would be and why.

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