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Q&A With Celebrity Jewelry Designer Erica Courtney

Erica Courtney has built one of the most recognized fine jewelry brands in the industry today and was named one of the top 10 jewelry designers in the world by United Brands just this year. In 2006, inspired by her son’s engagement, Erica launched the Gorgeous and Engaged® bridal collection. The line consists of the most distinguished and exquisite engagement rings and custom wedding bands created in platinum. Many of the designs feature initials engraved or paved into the setting for an extra special romantic touch.

Erica Courtney

Erica Courtney

We asked Erica about her wedding jewelry collection.

What is your biggest inspiration when designing a new jewelry piece?
The stone really inspires me and for my custom pieces, I get inspiration from getting to know the person. I like to learn where they’re from, what they love and what kind of lifestyle they live. 9 out of 10 times it’s in a gorgeous platinum setting.

How did your son’s engagement inspire the Gorgeous and Engaged bridal collection?
He (Josh) didn’t give me any direction when it came to designing Jesse’s (daughter-in-law) ring except he wanted it in platinum. It basically opened up the design floodgates for me.

Aqua Pendant Erica Courtney

Platinum jewelry from Erica Courtney. Images courtesy of Erica Courtney.

Out of your collections, which piece is the most significant to you?
My 113 CT Aquamarine and platinum pendant necklace because, for one, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s also my precious grandbaby, Brooklyn’s, birthstone. When I want to showcase an amazing colored gemstone, I typically set it in platinum since it’s a naturally white metal so it maximizes the brilliance of my colored stone.

In all your years of experience, what would you say is the most important element in buying an engagement ring/wedding band? Why?
Be clear on what you want and don’t settle. This is the most romantic piece of jewelry you may ever buy, make it super special.

Jesse Ring Erica Courtney

Platinum jewelry from Erica Courtney. Images courtesy of Erica Courtney.

Do you have any tips for men who are looking to purchase an engagement ring? Or couples purchasing wedding bands?
If there’s any time to splurge, now’s the time! I also tell my customers to think about choosing platinum since the setting will hold the diamond most securely. And lastly, if you get a great deal, don’t tell anyone.

What are your thoughts on Erica Courtney’s jewelry designers? As a bride or groom, do these pieces look like something that might be a fit for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

flower basket earrings erica courtney

Platinum jewelry from Erica Courtney. Images courtesy of Erica Courtney.


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