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Bridesmaids: Why Hangover II Should Be Worried

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Thinking of taking in a movie this weekend? Brian from The Groom Says weighs in on why, despite its name, Bridesmaids might be just the right choice for guys. Here’s his groom-approved take:

There are a few emails floating out there in cyberspace. Your wife or fiancee or girlfriend may have received one, and if so, it’s highly likely that she forwarded it to you. It says something to the tune of it is critical that this film, made up primarily of female comedians, does well in the box office because … reason, reason, reason … etc., etc.

But those emails are needless, and Bridesmaids has nothing to worry about. The film is a riot. It’s gonna soar this weekend. It’ll go like this: woman drags reluctant man to the theater; man surprisingly enjoys movie; man gives thumbs up to other man friends.

The secret to its success? To start, there’s the slew of solid comedic performances. And then the pairing of some hilarious comediennes with an ambitious script by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo (who makes a cameo in the film), topped with director Paul Feig (who’s directed some of the best TV in the last seven years) and producers Apatow and Mendel. It’s a powerhouse ensemble that results in two hours of girls doing and saying boyishly obscene things in girly situations.

Not good enough for you? Fine. Here’s 5 reasons why guys need not be ashamed to see Bridesmaids:

1. Jon Hamm is an A**hole. Put Don Draper in a supporting role in a raunchy rom-com? Sure thing. Cast him as the absolute swill of the earth, saying things that make him worthy of a muzzle? We couldn’t ask for anything more.

2. Very simply, Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy plays Megan, the most outspoken and unpredictable bridesmaid. Megan oozes confidence, has a ferocious sexual appetite, and shares the best idea for a bachelorette party that we’ve heard in years. The character might be the perfect blend of Marla Hooch (A League of Their Own) and beloved Hangover hero, Zach Galifianakis. Without McCarthy, the film probably wouldn’t work. Luckily, the filmmakers capitalize on her head-on humor and make Megan a consistent presence throughout the movie.

3. The dress fitting. You pray for a scene like the dress fitting. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare give anything away. But what occurs in that dress shop could easily rival some of the best scatological moments in cinematic history. I really can’t say another word.

4. This is not a movie about wedding planning, and thank god for that. There are no scenes in which Rudolph and Wiig hunt down venues and argue over sconces. No big blow-up because the groom doesn’t show up at the tasting (hell, we hardly even get to know the guy). If anything, Bridesmaids makes a point to mock tradition and formalities and all the ostentatious things that men hate about weddings and showers. We’re genuinely impressed.

5. The parting gift. At the close of the first Hangover, Todd Phillips revealed all of the uncensored digital pics from the guys’ missing camera. In Bridesmaids, we get something else entirely, and honestly (if you’re still undecided at that point), it may just win you over.

Are there misses? Sure. We could’ve used some more Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911 fans may be disappointed), whose foul-mouthed Rita gets shorted on screen time. And the humor may dip three-quarters of the way through for the sake of the storyline. But as a whole, it’s really, really funny. And we can’t wait to see what must be three hours worth of improvisation and deleted scenes.

Hey, hopefully the Thai edition of “What the Hell Happened Last Night?” will exceed our expectations and not fail to impress like many crappy sequels gone by. All I know is, based on what I saw last night, The Hangover: Part II has some mighty big high heels to fill.

Bridesmaids is in theaters everywhere today, May 13th. See the trailer at

Brian Leahy is founder of The Groom Says — a safe haven for grooms who need a hand with wedding planning and brides who need a hand with their grooms. Check out the blog for some laughs and inspiration, and be sure to follow The Groom Says on Twitter and Google+.

The Hangover 2: How to Make it Happen for Yourself

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

James Bennett from Firefly Group Events drops by the blog today with instructions on how to recreate The Hangover: Part 2 for your own bachelor party. If you somehow happen to pull this off, please send photos.

The Hangover: Part 2

Phil, Stu and Alan are back in The Hangover: Part 2

Phil, Stu, and Alan showed us that bachelor parties can be more than a few drinks and strip clubbing. Between the lost baby, tiger, and naked man in the trunk the Hangover gave bachelor parties something to aspire to. A special kind of forward regression that struck a self-destructive chord in our man-souls. In a few short weeks Hangover 2 will once again shatter all of our expectations for the ultimate bachelor party. To prepare you for your own hangover style party, we’ve put together a package that pays homage to Hangover 2. With this package, you too can wake up in Thailand with a face tattoo and a monkey.

Get there – $1000-$3000
This will be your only sober action since it is pre-trip. We checked and found that the best time to terroize the Thai starts in November. So a quick search on Expedia found flights that start at $1039.90

The Monkey – $1000-$3000
Yes. A monkey is not only possible, it’s encouraged. Not only that, you can party hard with the monkey from Pirates of the Carribean. This monkey is a hard drinking fool so watch your wallet and your women. This little guy is stateside but we’re betting you could smuggle the little guy in via carry on. Just tell everyone he’s an upright chihuahua you rescued. We always see barbies with their stupid lapdogs on the plane so it’s possible.

Another possible resource for monkeys is Greg. We can’t vouch for his possession of simeans but we respect the effort.

The Tattoo – $4.95-$500

Stu Mike Tyson tattoo

Stu can’t seem to catch a break.

A face tattoo a la Mike Tyson or Stu is not a decision to be made sober. In fact, after boarding the plane you should immediately max out your alcohol limit. This will set the stage for the BEST bachelor party your fiancee will hate to remember, EVER. Prior to that, take a sharpie and write the following addresses, one on each hand. That way, once you’ve passed out drunk somebody will see one of the addresses and take you there thinking it’s your hotel. We’ve passed along instructions to the artists to only give you a tribal face tattoo(you’re paying).

Bangkok Tattoo
Amarin Plaza, 3rd floor
Soi 4 – Thai Craft Market Zone
Bangkok, Thailand

Tu over at Siamese 5 Tattoo parlor said she’d charge about 9000 baht for the pleasure. However, she also said she never tattoos anyones face…

If you want to sissy out and go the non-permanent route you can but a temporary tattoo replica of Tyson and Stu’s tattoo here:

Mike Tyson – $99.95

Mr. Tyson is an impressionable young man but he’s also a bit unstable. As such, we are not advocating his actual involvement in your post landing chaos. Instead, try bringing your very own Mike Tyson. Here’s a couple of companies that specialize in life-size cardboard cut-outs. It’s all the photo-ops without the chance of bodily harm.

The Sunglasses – $19.95

Alan Hangover Sunglasses

The perfect sunglasses to wear to the Jonas Brothers show.

No Hangover wannabe party is complete without the oh-so-cool shades that Alan sports in the movie.

Wolf T-Shirt – $19.99

No Hangover experience can be complete without proper clothing. Again we look to Alan’s example and give the wolf t-shirt our full recommendation. We found a great website, that takes itself very seriously, where you can purchase your own wolf pack gear.

The Rest of it

We’ve given you the basics. If you’re a purist you’ll need to find the tiger, naked man, roofies, random baby, and the chicken on your own. We know that you can do it if you put your mind and enough alcohol together. Never underestimate what you can accomplish when smashed and wandering in a foreign city.

James Bennett is co-founder of FireFly Bachelor Parties, a bachelor party planning company in California that plans parties throughout the United States. Check out what kind of trouble you can get into with their bachelor party packages at:

2011 Popular Men’s Diamond Jewelry Trends

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

2011 popul men's diamond jewelry

Gone are the days when diamond jewelry was made specifically for women. These days, men are all about the bling prompting jewelry manufacturers and distributors to up their game in terms of the variety of men’s jewelry styles and designs they make available for men. The top most popular 2011 diamond jewelry designs for men include:

Men's stud earings

Men’s stud earings from Zoara

Diamond stud earrings

Men’s diamond studs set with diamonds and/or other precious gemstones are all the rage when it comes to this year’s men’s diamond jewelry market. The most popular type of diamond stud earrings is the solitaire stud, set with a single ½-1 carat round brilliant diamond center stone. These understated, yet elegant gemstone set earrings are favored by men who are looking for an understated yet sophisticated looking piece of jewelry.

men's diamond wedding ring

Men’s diamond wedding ring from Zoara

men's two tone wedding ring

Men’s two-tone wedding ring from Zoara

Men’s diamond wedding rings

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings were left plain and unadorned. However, in current years, jewelry retailers have marked a significant increase in demand for diamond set men’s wedding bands. It seems as though more and more men prefer embellished, flashier diamond and gemstone set wedding bands to the more classic, traditional simpler design. In addition to diamond encrusted wedding rings, an increasing amount of male customers are opting for diamond set wedding sets which include a diamond mounted engagement ring as well as a matching diamond wedding band.

men's hip hop diamond cross pendants

Men’s hip hop diamond cross pendant from Zoara

Men’s hip hop diamond pendants

Who wouldn’t want to look like a blinged out rap star? Perhaps the most popular type of men’s diamond jewelry, diamond encrusted hip hop pendants were made popular by their flashy appearance and their irrefutable trendiness. Pendants set with a multitude of diamonds and precious gemstones, designed in a huge array of shapes and sizes are perfect for those customers who are interested in diamond jewelry that really makes a statement.

Which 2011 men’s diamond jewelry trends fit you best? Are you planning on a wearing a diamond wedding band after you tie the knot? Tell us in the  comments section below.

Finding Her Ring Size: Is It Sneaking Around?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
tape measure

You won’t need your tape measure to find her ring size. However, you might need to use some of your spy skills.

There are certain things that a man has just got to do! When getting engaged, one of the most important things, besides surprising her with the ring of her dreams, is finding out her ring size. This small step can save a lot of time at the jeweler and help make the moment he pops the question even more special by giving her a ring that fits her perfectly. No newly engaged woman wants to leave her brand new engagement ring with a jeweler for sizing – even it that means only for a few hours. So how do you casually find out what type of ring she wants and is it considered sneaking around to secretly try to find out her finger size before you buy that ring?

L - Platinum engagement ring by Philip Press. R - Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Simon G. Jewelry

L – Platinum engagement ring by Philip Press. R – Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Simon G. Jewelry

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get her a ring she loves. First, listen to her hints – and if you think she’s not hinting, you’re probably mistaken. Listen to how she talks about the rings of friends and relatives. If you have a friend or colleague who just got engaged, casually pass a comment on the style of her ring. That will open the door for her to tell you what she likes and does not like about the style. She will probably tell you her preferred gemstone shape and whether she wants a solitaire or other stones around it. You should already be prepared though by secretly doing your own research on the other elements. For example, learn about a diamond’s 4-C’s so that you understand how each will affect the price. Learn about why a platinum setting is important and the most desired setting.  Understand how platinum’s natural white color (as opposed to white gold’s naturally yellow color) will enhance the diamond’s sparkle and how platinum’s durability will hold the expensive diamond more securely without wearing down.

Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Hearts on Fire

Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Hearts on Fire

Now comes the sneaky part. In order to get the right ring size you’ll need to learn what size her finger is. Here’s a tip: secretly borrow one of her rings in the morning and take it to a jeweler that day to have him measure the size. If you’re not in the position to actually take one of her rings for the day, try this idea:  Take one of her rings into the bathroom and press the profile (the round area showing the circumference of the ring) into a bar of soap. The soap will be marked by the edge of the ring and record the size. You can then have the indentation in the soap measured by a jeweler to get her size.

Making sure she gets a high quality diamond set into a durable platinum mounting will ensure a ring will last through a lifetime of daily wear and can be handed down to future generations. Getting the perfect ring style in exactly her correct finger size will give her an unforgettable moment when you pop the question. You see, sometimes sneaking around for a good reason like this can be perfectly acceptable.



How are you planning on going about discovering your future bride’s ring size? Will you use any of the tactics in this blog post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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