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The Hangover 2: How to Make it Happen for Yourself

James Bennett from Firefly Group Events drops by the blog today with instructions on how to recreate The Hangover: Part 2 for your own bachelor party. If you somehow happen to pull this off, please send photos.

The Hangover: Part 2

Phil, Stu and Alan are back in The Hangover: Part 2

Phil, Stu, and Alan showed us that bachelor parties can be more than a few drinks and strip clubbing. Between the lost baby, tiger, and naked man in the trunk the Hangover gave bachelor parties something to aspire to. A special kind of forward regression that struck a self-destructive chord in our man-souls. In a few short weeks Hangover 2 will once again shatter all of our expectations for the ultimate bachelor party. To prepare you for your own hangover style party, we’ve put together a package that pays homage to Hangover 2. With this package, you too can wake up in Thailand with a face tattoo and a monkey.

Get there – $1000-$3000
This will be your only sober action since it is pre-trip. We checked and found that the best time to terroize the Thai starts in November. So a quick search on Expedia found flights that start at $1039.90

The Monkey – $1000-$3000
Yes. A monkey is not only possible, it’s encouraged. Not only that, you can party hard with the monkey from Pirates of the Carribean. This monkey is a hard drinking fool so watch your wallet and your women. This little guy is stateside but we’re betting you could smuggle the little guy in via carry on. Just tell everyone he’s an upright chihuahua you rescued. We always see barbies with their stupid lapdogs on the plane so it’s possible.

Another possible resource for monkeys is Greg. We can’t vouch for his possession of simeans but we respect the effort.

The Tattoo – $4.95-$500

Stu Mike Tyson tattoo

Stu can’t seem to catch a break.

A face tattoo a la Mike Tyson or Stu is not a decision to be made sober. In fact, after boarding the plane you should immediately max out your alcohol limit. This will set the stage for the BEST bachelor party your fiancee will hate to remember, EVER. Prior to that, take a sharpie and write the following addresses, one on each hand. That way, once you’ve passed out drunk somebody will see one of the addresses and take you there thinking it’s your hotel. We’ve passed along instructions to the artists to only give you a tribal face tattoo(you’re paying).

Bangkok Tattoo
Amarin Plaza, 3rd floor
Soi 4 – Thai Craft Market Zone
Bangkok, Thailand

Tu over at Siamese 5 Tattoo parlor said she’d charge about 9000 baht for the pleasure. However, she also said she never tattoos anyones face…

If you want to sissy out and go the non-permanent route you can but a temporary tattoo replica of Tyson and Stu’s tattoo here:

Mike Tyson – $99.95

Mr. Tyson is an impressionable young man but he’s also a bit unstable. As such, we are not advocating his actual involvement in your post landing chaos. Instead, try bringing your very own Mike Tyson. Here’s a couple of companies that specialize in life-size cardboard cut-outs. It’s all the photo-ops without the chance of bodily harm.

The Sunglasses – $19.95

Alan Hangover Sunglasses

The perfect sunglasses to wear to the Jonas Brothers show.

No Hangover wannabe party is complete without the oh-so-cool shades that Alan sports in the movie.

Wolf T-Shirt – $19.99

No Hangover experience can be complete without proper clothing. Again we look to Alan’s example and give the wolf t-shirt our full recommendation. We found a great website, that takes itself very seriously, where you can purchase your own wolf pack gear.

The Rest of it

We’ve given you the basics. If you’re a purist you’ll need to find the tiger, naked man, roofies, random baby, and the chicken on your own. We know that you can do it if you put your mind and enough alcohol together. Never underestimate what you can accomplish when smashed and wandering in a foreign city.

James Bennett is co-founder of FireFly Bachelor Parties, a bachelor party planning company in California that plans parties throughout the United States. Check out what kind of trouble you can get into with their bachelor party packages at:

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