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Finding Her Ring Size: Is It Sneaking Around?

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You won’t need your tape measure to find her ring size. However, you might need to use some of your spy skills.

There are certain things that a man has just got to do! When getting engaged, one of the most important things, besides surprising her with the ring of her dreams, is finding out her ring size. This small step can save a lot of time at the jeweler and help make the moment he pops the question even more special by giving her a ring that fits her perfectly. No newly engaged woman wants to leave her brand new engagement ring with a jeweler for sizing – even it that means only for a few hours. So how do you casually find out what type of ring she wants and is it considered sneaking around to secretly try to find out her finger size before you buy that ring?

L - Platinum engagement ring by Philip Press. R - Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Simon G. Jewelry

L – Platinum engagement ring by Philip Press. R – Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Simon G. Jewelry

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get her a ring she loves. First, listen to her hints – and if you think she’s not hinting, you’re probably mistaken. Listen to how she talks about the rings of friends and relatives. If you have a friend or colleague who just got engaged, casually pass a comment on the style of her ring. That will open the door for her to tell you what she likes and does not like about the style. She will probably tell you her preferred gemstone shape and whether she wants a solitaire or other stones around it. You should already be prepared though by secretly doing your own research on the other elements. For example, learn about a diamond’s 4-C’s so that you understand how each will affect the price. Learn about why a platinum setting is important and the most desired setting.  Understand how platinum’s natural white color (as opposed to white gold’s naturally yellow color) will enhance the diamond’s sparkle and how platinum’s durability will hold the expensive diamond more securely without wearing down.

Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Hearts on Fire

Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Hearts on Fire

Now comes the sneaky part. In order to get the right ring size you’ll need to learn what size her finger is. Here’s a tip: secretly borrow one of her rings in the morning and take it to a jeweler that day to have him measure the size. If you’re not in the position to actually take one of her rings for the day, try this idea:  Take one of her rings into the bathroom and press the profile (the round area showing the circumference of the ring) into a bar of soap. The soap will be marked by the edge of the ring and record the size. You can then have the indentation in the soap measured by a jeweler to get her size.

Making sure she gets a high quality diamond set into a durable platinum mounting will ensure a ring will last through a lifetime of daily wear and can be handed down to future generations. Getting the perfect ring style in exactly her correct finger size will give her an unforgettable moment when you pop the question. You see, sometimes sneaking around for a good reason like this can be perfectly acceptable.



How are you planning on going about discovering your future bride’s ring size? Will you use any of the tactics in this blog post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Another way to get the size? Find a friend of yours (female) you trust not to spill the beans and have her try on one of her rings to see if they fit her. May seem a roundabout way, but it worked for my fiance!

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