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Real Grooms: Kyle Fryman and His Smokin’ Hot Bride

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Back in March, we introduced you guys to Storymix Media and gave away one of their fantastic Flip Video Wedding Packages. The winning groom was Kyle Fryman… and this is his wedding (My Flip style):

As you can see, My Flip Wedding is a different breed of wedding videography. As opposed to a weird guy running around with a camera and bright light, the footage is captured by your buddies (which means you’re guaranteed to get all of the offbeat moments that are going to make watching your wedding video a little more bearable year after year.) Additionally, all of the editing is shared with you online so the final product includes only the shots that YOU want. In other words, your best man’s keg stand attempt and your sister’s embarrassing wipe out on the dance floor aren’t going to be left on the cutting room floor.

Kyle and his cigar smoking bride, Brittany, will certainly be sharing laughs as they look back on their big day. As she put it, “we are so happy that the moments that would have long been forgotten, were caught on video. I think everyone had fun filming and being filmed and we can’t wait to see the DVD!”

To learn more about this groom-approved rage that is tearing up the wedding industry, check out the My Flip Wedding website and start building your package. Pricing starts at just $99.99 (which you’ll appreciate if you’ve already started pricing videographers). Storymix wants as many of our readers as possible to get a cool video like Kyle (and avoid a lifetime with a wife who regrets not having one).  So, they’re offering a 20% coupon; just click here for the code.  You can get a video for only $80, SCORE!  But hurry, it’s the last coupon they’re offering this summer and it expires on August 31st (but can be applied for any wedding date).

storymix media

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disclosure: storymix media is a sponsor of the man registry’s groomsadvice blog.

Win a 2011 MLB All-Star Week Wedding

Friday, May 27th, 2011
mlb all star game fan fest wedding

Don’t settle for a bloop wedding. Hit it out of the park by tying the knot at the 2011 MLB All Star Game.

Want a wedding that will go down as an instant classic? If you and your bride-to-be are passionate about America’s Pastime, we’ve got an opportunity for you to hit your nuptials out of the park. For the first time ever, MLB is staging a wedding during its annual All-Star Week. This year’s festivities take place in Phoenix with the wedding taking place on July 12th at the All-Star Fanfest.

One lucky couple will win the opportunity to be married at the Fanfest as well as a premium wedding package which includes a ceremony, a catered reception for 50 guests by Aventura Catering, a wedding ring package from Molina Fine Jewelers worth no more than $15,000 that will include either an engagement ring or two wedding bands, a wedding dress by Uptown Bridal, roundtrip airfare and two tickets to the 82nd MLB All-Star Game. Score! They’ll also receive items from Major League Baseball partners including a $500 MasterCard® prepaid gift card, beverages for the reception provided by Budweiser, hotel stay provided by InterContinental Hotels Group, and a $500 Newlywed Lawn & Garden Kit donated by Scotts featuring a wide array of Scotts Miracle-Gro products.

Host of NBC’s “The Marriage Ref” Tom Papa will join WE tv’s “My Fair Wedding” celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, MLB All-Star Ambassador Luis Gonzalez and Jenni Croft Badolato from ABC’s “The Bachelor” to assist Major League Baseball in selecting the winning couple.

To learn more and enter the contest, head on over to and submit a short video explaining why they should win the All-Star FanFest Wedding. Eligible entries will be reviewed and judged by Major League Baseball and the celebrity judging panel based on criteria including the couple’s connection to Major League Baseball and the creativity and quality of their online submission.

The Lowdown on Proposal Planning from Sarah Pease

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

You (hopefully) only get one shot at a marriage proposal. And if you ask Sarah Pease, you should take the proper steps to nail it. Sarah is a professional event planner who specializes in marriage proposals. Her company, Brilliant Event Planning, helps guys plan proposals that will leave their future wives speechless. Their website even has a proposal generator that provides ideas on what type of proposal she’ll want based on her interests. [editor's note - why didn't I think of that?]

I recently sat down with Sarah to ask her a few burning questions about the proposal planning business and how it benefits the future grooms that are looking to leave a lasting impression with an innovative proposal.

Q – What is proposal planning what is your service all about? Do you simply come up with the idea, or execute the entire event?

I offer two levels of proposal planning services.  First is concept only where we host a Question & Answer session with the future groom to learn about him, his future fiance and their relationship together.  Based on what we discover in that Q&A session, and in conjunction with his overall budget, we develop the perfect proposal concept.  At our second meeting, we present this concept and together make any final tweaks (maybe he wants red roses instead of pink or a guitar player instead of a string trio) and then email him his proposal “blueprint.”  This document describes exactly how the proposal will unfold and provides him with a list of “To Do” items.  From there, it’s up to him to recruit all the vendors and produce the proposal!

With full planning, it includes the entire Concept Only package, but also includes all vendor matches, full planning of the day – down to the smallest detail, and my team on site behind-the-scenes on the day-of so everything runs according to plan.

Q – What’s the most common question or concern that grooms have about their proposal?

Most guys just want to know what they can do to make it amazing.  I give my clients a lot of credit – they recognize that a proposal at the end of a generic restaurant dinner won’t cut it and they come to me to create something memorable, a story to tell their future grandkids.

Q – Obviously, the element of surprise is always in play when planning a marriage proposal. Have you ever had any close calls where the secret was almost blown?

YES.  The worst was where the future bride worked around the corner and had a habit of coming home for lunch every day – the client insisted on doing the proposal in his apartment and we needed all day to set up.  With the help of the building super, we concocted a scheme of the exterminator coming on that day.  It involved multiple notices in their mailbox (she always got the mail) and even one posted on their front door on the morning-of.  Despite all of our efforts, she came home at lunch.  I happened to be in the lobby talking to a vendor and see her walking in, headed for her apartment.  Short of tackling her, there was nothing I could do to stop her and there was no way of explaining away what she would find in her apartment.  Luckily, at the last second, the super caught her and said she couldn’t go up yet because the extermination wasn’t done.  Boy did he earn his Christmas bonus that year!

Q – What’s the most elaborate proposal you’ve ever planned?

Sarah Pease

Sarah Pease

One of the most elaborate was for a girl who loved nothing more than reality TV and fashion so the decoy we created was that her sister entered her on a new tv show called “Fashion Scavenger Hunt.”  We hired an entire professional camera crew, an actor to be the fake host and shut down a boutique in SoHo.  If she answered enough questions right, she got a designer dress, shoes & earrings.  The end of the day culminated in a makeover with one of NYC’s top hairstylists and makeup artists and a photo shoot on a yacht.  As the yacht sailed around the bottom of Manhattan she was vogueing for the camera and the video crew was still rolling.  She passed under Brooklyn Bridge and on shore saw a giant sign that said “Will You Marry Me?”  My client sped out on another boat towards the yacht in a tuxedo and with a bouquet of red roses, boarded the boat and proposed.  She said yes!

Q – What’s your take on sports stadium proposals? Have you ever planed one?

Please do not propose on a jumbo tron.  Ever.  Any guy can be more creative than that and she deserves something much more personal and thoughtful.

Q – What happens if she says no?

Luckily I can’t tell you from experience because it hasn’t happened (knock on wood).  I imagine that it would mostly be very upsetting for both of them and it would be my job to cancel any remaining plans so they can have some time to themselves to talk things through.  Hopefully it never does happen!

Sarah Pease is founder of Brilliant Event Planning. Based in NYC, BEP specializes in creating wedding experiences that delight all five senses. As masters of both the creative right brain and the organized left brain, Sarah has planned proposals and weddings for everyone from our next door neighbor to celebrities and professional athletes.

Customizing A Diamond Bridal Set Has Never Been Easier…

Friday, May 20th, 2011

When it’s the groom’s responsibility to choose the diamond bridal set ring, it can seem like an intimidating task, which is why makes it simple to purchase a matching diamond bridal set and customize it to your exact preferences. They offer thousands of high quality diamond rings at a fraction of the retail price; you just have to pick the perfect pair of bridal rings.

The way it works is simple: After browsing through their selection of bridal sets rings, find the style that suits your fiancé best. Click to customize it and select the metal type (gold or platinum), diamond quality, total carat size and ring size. After you make each selection, the price is instantly updated so you can see exactly how your selections affect the price. This system puts you in control of the style, features and budget!

These modern, affordable matching bridal sets rings are the highest rated among engaged couples and will pleasantly surprise your bride-to-be! Keep in mind, the diamond bridal set you choose should reflect her style so think about the other jewelry items you’ve seen her wear when picking a ring style.

1) True Romance Diamond Bridal Set

True Romance Diamond Bridal Set

True Romance Diamond Bridal Set

2) Lucky Seven Bridal Set

Lucky Seven Bridal Set

Lucky Seven Bridal Set

3) Diamond Channel Band Bridal Set

Diamond Channel Band Bridal Set

Diamond Channel Band Bridal Set

4) Splendid Romance Four Row Matching Bridal Set

Splendid Romance Four Row Matching Bridal Set

Splendid Romance Four Row Matching Bridal Set

Need help figuring out which ring size to order? If you can’t measure her ring size while she’s sleeping then we suggest you try one of these options.

1) Get one of her rings and use a ring sizing tool offered on Click on the ‘Educational’ tab to find two ring sizing tools. Take one of her rings and place it on the ring size chart. Pair her ring with the example that matched the best to find her ring size.

2) Ask someone who would know her ring size like her Mother or best friend.

Anjolee offers the largest selection of customizable diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and bridal rings at manufacturer direct pricing. Visit to see the whole collection.  For more about jewelry education and news, visit the Anjolee Blog at

Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Holy shit. This genius movie trailer marriage proposal is better than 90% of this summer’s studio releases!


Best proposal you’ve ever seen? Tell us what you think about this sweet-ass video in the comments section below.

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