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Set In Style: Men’s Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Tacori engagement ring

Tacori platinum engagement ring with round solitaire center diamond

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, almost every guy is faced with the same issues. How is he going to find an engagement ring she will love, keep it a surprise until he pops the question and how can he buy the highest quality ring that she’ll love without breaking the bank. Well there are a few things that should be of comfort to every guy as he begins this quest. First, if you’re a good listener, you’ve already been picking up her clues so that you can make the correct style choice. Secondly, it’s not impossible to get the ring of her dreams and still be able to buy her dinner afterward.

Make no mistake about it. Women hint! Even before being asked the big question the majority of women have already begun to research the engagement ring and thanks to websites, retailers and jewelry brands they are armed with the advice and tools to make their hints heard. From wish list emails to iPhone apps to clever tricks like leaving magazines open on engagement ring pages, women know how to go about this task. In fact, according to a BRIDES Magazine 2011 study, 2 in 3 women say they gave direct input to the guy on their engagement ring and 19% even admit to personally selecting it. So if the guy listens and is sensitive to the hints he should be able to get the clues loud and clear, therefore allowing him to surprise her with the perfect ring of her dreams!

L – Hearts on Fire platinum engagement ring. R – Simon G. Jewelry platinum engagement ring with round solitaire center diamond

Here are some additional facts to help guys know what’s the most desired as he puts the clues together.  Today, most women want their setting to be white in color. Platinum is the best setting since, unlike white gold, which is naturally a yellow color, platinum is naturally white and will never fade or tarnish and will maximize the brilliance of the center stone. Platinum’s superior durability also makes it the best for holding a diamond securely during daily wear. That’s why the most important diamonds in the world are set into platinum.  Most women still prefer the classic round “brilliant-cut” diamond with a growing number starting to lean toward square “princess-cut” shapes. Whichever her choice, “Color” (one of the 4 C’s) will be important which is another great reason to choose platinum’s natural whiteness for the setting. The classic platinum and diamond “solitaire” (containing only one center diamond) is still the most popular style choice. Additionally, according to research, most women say that they would prefer a smaller, higher quality diamond instead of a larger diamond of lesser quality. Finally, and very importantly (and probably pleasantly surprising) for guys, a high quality platinum and diamond engagement ring starts at only about $1,000 so he doesn’t have to spend his entire savings to get quality. Websites like can help find a local retailer, educate guys on the importance of a quality setting, and showcase a wide variety of styles from a number of designers to ensure that he finds the ring of her dreams.

Has your significant other been dropping hints about the style of engagement ring she wants? Have you researched platinum bands and settings? Tell us where you stand in the purchasing process in the comments section below.

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