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Turn Your Groomsmen Into Bobbling Heads

Have you been looking for that one-of-a-kind groomsmen gift that will have everyone turning bobbling their heads? Custom bobblehead dolls from our friends at might be just what you’re looking for. These durable statues are just like the one’s you’ve seen for your favorite baseball or football player –except YOU get to design them.

custom groomsmen bobblead

Custom bobbleheads from

Custom bobbleheads from our friends at give you the power to completely customize a handmade bobblehead figure to match the likeness of the recipient. In other words, you can really emphasize those giant foreheads and noses that make your buddies so unique. There are over 500 different models to start with and you can even select the clothes and figure’s position. So if you can’t match these up to perfection, maybe it’s time to find some new friends. Learn more about how the process works here.

If you think bobbleheads are best reserved for athletes and rock stars, perhaps a custom portrait fits you better. These babies work for your wedding party, but also make excellent thank-you gifts for parents or even a wedding-day gift for the bride. The process starts with a photo of the recipient. From there, the artists at draw the face from scratch (no copy/pasting). The finalized canvas is mounted on a thick wooden wall and arrives to you ready to hang. For added customization, you can even choose to have the recipient’s face drawn onto Superman’s body. Check out popular models here.

custom groomsman portraits

Custom portraits from

Express shipping is available for both the bobbleheads and paintings, so don’t fret if you’ve waited until the last minute. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, so orders don’t ship until you’re 100% satisfied. And no, they won’t be annoyed if you want to tinker with your designs 100 times before finalizing. What more could you ask for?

What stand-out characteristics would your Best Man’s bobblehead feature? Big nose? Gigantic forehead? Let us know in the comments section below!


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12 Responses to “Turn Your Groomsmen Into Bobbling Heads”

  1. Jeremiah O. Says:

    My bestman’s bobblehead would feature him in wrestling gear, as he does still watch it, and used to or still does have a dream to do it. Another groomsman would be in a Philly Eagles jersey, with his name on the jersey.

  2. Stacy Says:

    Would like my Groomsman bobble to have glasses…

  3. Steph Says:

    My bf’s luscious monkey lips and caveman eyebrows are sure to be featured on his custom bobblehead ;)

  4. jay Says:

    My Best Man’s statue would have him in his white basketball rec-league jersey.

  5. GROOMenstein Says:

    My best man’s bobble head would have one of the baseball bodies (his signature). If possible, his shirt would say “Wanna Bet?” And there’d be a college algebra book somewhere on board. The number on the jersey would be 420 as that’s…uh…my best man’s birthday. lol

  6. Craig Alpaugh Says:

    My best man is my brother and he is a huge NY Mets fan.

  7. Michael C. B. Says:

    Getting married next summer. My groomsmen are like the AT&T signal bars and at the same time, babushka dolls. I am the shortest at 5’8. The tallest is 6’8. My fittest (best man) has 6% body fat. My fattest has about 23% (poor guy). I guess either would be indicative of “more bars in more places” as the heavier guys are bigger drinkers. BAZING! So, height and build would definitely have to be a feature – although, it takes the whole set to really make the joke.

  8. Sarah H Says:

    I think my groom’s bobblehead would be him in his suit. He looks hot like that. As for the groomsmen, they would be dressed as their slacker selves, thats how they all met.

  9. Angela Morgan Says:

    Our best man is a huge hockey fan so his favorite team!

  10. KHBride Says:

    Our best man would feature his big nose and ears. He used to have longer hair, and we’re getting married in Jamaica so it would feature a rasta kinda hippy version of him.

  11. John Says:

    We re gettin married in jamaica so island themed bobble heads would be perferct mon!

  12. ross Says:

    getting married in philadelphia and i’m a loyal man registry follower. my best man is my little brother and his bobblehead would definitely be him decked out in a phillies shirt while holding a Phantom of the Opera mask. sports and theater are two of his favorite things other than looking up to his older, wiser and more handsome brother!

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