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Ask the Wedding Babe: Strippers at the Bachelor Party

after a brief hiatus, the wedding babe returns today to take on another reader question. This week, she gives her thoughts on the consequences of hiding bachelor party strippers from your bride-to-be.

bachelor party strippers

Do your bachelor party plans include strippers?

Q -  I want strippers at my bachelor party, but my fiancée hates the idea. Should I hide it from her?

Ah, the age-old bachelor party dilemma. You want to celebrate your final days of singledom with poles and tassels, but your fiancée isn’t having it. What’s a guy to do? Although lying to her may seem like the easiest solution, do yourself a favor and don’t. While some guys might think that what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party, the truth almost always has a way of getting out eventually — and causing you some serious heartache with your fiancée later on. Trust me, it’s much better to let her in on your plans ahead of time, whatever they may be.

Not sure how to broach the subject? Try having a conversation about your bachelor party with her when you’re both relaxed and in a good mood. (Bringing this up when you’re already arguing = bad idea.) Be honest about what kind of bachelor party you have in mind, even if it means a trip to the strip club, and then listen to her feelings on the subject. Maybe she just needs to hear from you that this is all in good fun and that it won’t in any way affect your feelings for her or your impending nuptials. Even if she still hates the idea and you agree to disagree, you’ve laid your cards on the table.

However, if you lie about it and she finds out later (which is usually inevitable), be prepared to deal with the pre-wedding firestorm. We’ve all heard the horror stories of weddings being called off at the last minute because of this exact situation. Don’t let this happen to you. If you lie about the bachelor party, she may wonder what else you’ll lie about once you’re married. The best policy is to be honest and keep the peace.

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Do your bachelor party plans involve strippers? Are you going to be telling your fiancée about them? Share your story in the comments section below.

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2 Responses to “Ask the Wedding Babe: Strippers at the Bachelor Party”

  1. tom Says:

    How do you feel about husbands going to stripclubs for friends bachelor parties? Fun or faux pa

  2. J. John Says:

    As the owner of a stripper company, I’ve been to hundreds, maybe thousands of bachelor parties. I agree with the Wedding Babe, DO NOT LIE. The bachelor should not be gung ho for this party. His role is to be the reluctant participant. The Bachelor needs to make it clear to his fiancé and best man that we just wants to hang out with his buddies, have a few drinks, a nice meal and watch a game. It’s up to the best man (acting of his own volition) to turn the night into a wild party. And take full responsibility for any problems that may arise. This is really the most important job of a best man. Any idiot can plan a great night, a proper best man will take the fury of a bride, her friends and mother. Of course you should always have male family members of the bride at the bachelor party. AND MAKE SURE THEY PARTICIPATE.

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