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5 Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

pub pedal

Forget the pub crawl. Meet the Pedal Pub!

By Gabi Gesch,

Hey gents! Looking for something other than strippers and vodka Red Bulls to entertain you on your stag night? Here are some unique bachelor party ideas that really ready you for wedded bliss.

1. Get a sky box or club level seating to a sporting event
Sporting events are man’s best friend, so what better way to spend time with each other than watching your favorite sport in style. Sky boxes are usually owned by companies or by someones rich uncle. If you can, find this rich uncle and ask him  if you guys can take over the box for a game. If you can’t get a private sky box, try looking into club level seating. It still has that luxury feeling but is probably more attainable than your private suite. Another idea is to look into independent league teams and what they have to offer for special events. They are usually less expensive, just as fun, and sometimes more unique.(Hot tubs in the out field? Don’t mind if I do!) Whichever route you go, be sure to try and find out if there is a way that members in your group can be included in the promotional contests in between periods, quarters, innings or whatever.

2. Cabin/ Camping
Do you or one of your buddies have a cabin? Here is a way to save a little money and still have a great time! Seclude you and your merry men up at a cabin for a weekend. You can supply your own food and beverages and come up with some manly events to entertain yourselves. Examples? Hunting, four wheeling, fishing, and of course drinking. Create competitions to make things a little more interesting.  If you don’t own a cabin you can always rent one or rough it out and sleep in tents. What better way to bond with your friends than recreating a Man vs. Wild experience.

3. Road Trip!
What do you get when you have an RV, a group of rowdy men and miles of open road? Something comparable to The Hangover most likely.  A road trip is your chance to see the states like you’ve never seen them before; with all your best friends! Supply your sustenance, pick places to stop and be sure to mingle with the locals. Whether you go to Vegas and gamble all your money away or you find every food challenge location ever aired on Man vs Food, you and your men will always remember (but never tell) all the crazy adventures you went on while touring the states.

4. One small step … One giant ass leap
Before taking the plunge into the joys of matrimony, why not take a plunge that will send you free falling towards earth at 120 mph? Skydiving or bungee jumping is an exciting way to… oh hell, it’s just exciting! If bachelor parties are supposed to be fun and full of adrenalin pumping action then this is a B-party on steroids. You can combine a road trip with this activity being that skydiving and bungee jumping locations are not usually in your backyard. WARNING: This activity may cause some concern for the wife-to-be.

5. Brewery/ Wine tours/ Pub Crawl
Are you a connoisseur of  beer or wine? No? Well that doesn’t really matter. Brewery tours (and/or wine tours) are really fun. You get to enjoy your favorite beverages while expanding your knowledge and appreciation of it. Some tours include snacks or even a meal at the end of the tour. Not into the brewery tours? How about a pub crawl? Although pub crawls do not seem unique, you can always make it more exciting with themes or competitions to spice things up. Have each of your friends put their favorite bar down and then visit each one. Not only will you have fun doing this, but you will learn a little more about your friends along the way. Live in a city that has a Pedal Pub? Be sure to use that as your means of transportation if you can. Drink as you work out, what better way is there? is the web’s leading destination for brides wanting to buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items. BravoBride focuses on designer used wedding dresses, jewelry, accessories, ceremony and reception items, unique wedding favors— and everything else you need for the perfect inexpensive wedding.

Picture courtesy of  Fred from Shippies Pub

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