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What’s Fair is Fair: Anniversary Gifts For Men

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We’ve all seen the story played out on numerous television sitcoms: Poor guy finds out that today is actually his wedding anniversary. Guy realizes that it’s only a few hours before he’s supposed to meet his wife at a dinner she’s planned for them at a romantic restaurant.  Guy panics trying to find the most amazing gift for her while covering up the fact that he didn’t remember the date. It’s a familiar story.

Well let’s cut guys some slack, Guy’s aren’t the only people to forget dates! And when it comes down to it you’ve already purchased her the most amazing gift – her platinum and diamond engagement ring- a gift that probably cost about two months salary. So when is it YOUR turn?

The objective of an anniversary is to commemorate the history of a couple and to celebrate the future that they both look forward to together. Therefore, anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for the giving of mutual gifts that are precious, rare and symbolize both past and future.

Platinum anniversary gifts for men

On the left: Stuller Platinum Cufflinks for Men. One the right: Platinum Tie Accent From CliQ Jewelry

These days, one of the most popular trends in giving is to buy gifts that will truly be used and enjoyed, things that may be worn daily. For many men who spend a good deal of time in the office, items such as platinum cuff links or tie accents, platinum neck chains or a platinum bracelet make a perfect gift that ideally fits the bill for anniversary giving.

The reason that platinum jewelry is perfect is that platinum is one of the most durable, precious and rare of all jewelry choices. It will stand up to a lifetime of wear while continuing to look good, through your future together. Unlike some other white jewelry, platinum won’t fade or change color over time and won’t corrode. The purity of platinum means that it is not only white now, but in time it will never lose its natural whiteness and turn yellow. It’s the ideal “men’s metal”! Over time, platinum will actually develop a rich finish, called a patina which creates a unique sheen on a platinum piece that many view as a romantic recording of life’s many precious moments.

Trends today toward a more casual office attire also mean that open collars with a neck chain and shorter sleeves with a bracelet have become the “norm” in office wear. Unique pieces of platinum jewelry allow men to express individuality in an elegant and understated manner. Platinum is preferred by the world’s finest designers so it’s easy to find masculine pieces to suit every guy’s individual style. Many designs start for as little as $1000.

So when it comes to giving anniversary gifts, isn’t it only fair that you should expect a gift that is precious, rare and durable? For more information on platinum or to see a wide selection of platinum jewelry styles go to

What type of platinum jewelery would you want as an anniversary gift? What would be “fair” based on the jewelery you’ve purchased for your fiancee/wife?

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  1. Evette Says:

    These are nice anniversary gift ideas for him. He’s into corporate attire and I think it suits him very well. Thank you for these suggestions Michael!

  2. Harrison Says:

    good post, it gave me some direction on buying a gift for my friend who is getting married.

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