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Ask the Wedding Babe: Taking Your Girlfriend Ring Shopping

our weekly column from the wedding babe offers a woman’s response to common questions we receive from grooms. today, our topic is whether or not you should take your girlfriend on an engagement ring (window) shopping trip.

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The Wedding Babe thinks it can never hurt to do a little window shopping to see what she likes… and doesn’t like.

Q – I’m planning a surprise marriage proposal. Should I still plan on taking my girlfriend ring shopping?

Before you pop the question, should you take your girlfriend ring shopping? If you want your proposal to be a total surprise and you already have a good idea about what kind of ring your girlfriend likes (possibly even down to the color, cut and size — turns out you really were listening when she dropped all those hints!), then you can forgo a shopping trip.

But otherwise, taking her ring shopping is a great idea. There are so many options available when it comes to engagement rings, you don’t want to make a completely uneducated guess and risk disappointing her. Picture this: You get down on one knee with a heart-shaped diamond ring in yellow gold, only to find out later that she wanted a traditional white gold round diamond ring. Awkward… Don’t let this happen to you. Most likely at this point in your relationship, you both know that marriage is on the horizon, so why not see what ring options are out there ahead of time and get a better idea of what she likes? Remember, this is a ring that she’ll wear every single day and should absolutely love.

Although you don’t have to tell her how much you’re planning to spend or if you’ll absolutely be getting a specific ring, at least you’ll have her input, which will make it easier to make this big purchase when the time comes. Trust me; she’ll definitely appreciate the opportunity to clue you in on what she has in mind. And just imagine the look on her face when you propose with her dream engagement ring….

Stay tuned each week as we’ll be posting new advice from The Wedding Babe (as well as more info on the babe herself). If you’ve got a burning question for her, please submit it here. And please, no more requests for dates. The Wedding Babe is a happily married woman.. who could probably kick your ass.

Are you planning a shopping trip with your girlfriend to look at ring styles? Has she been dropping hints on what type of finger candy she wants to wear for the rest of her life? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. andrew G. Says:

    Yes, my future fiances has dropped all sorts of hints,..she wants 2 carats, princess cut, square solitare,but I can’t afford that sort of diamond. I can only spend around 5k. What should I do?

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