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Ask the Wedding Babe: Inviting Exes to Your Wedding

ask the wedding babe is a weekly column that offers a woman’s perspective to popular questions we receive from grooms. today’s post hits on that ever-important, yet controversial topic of inviting your ex to the wedding.

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How would your fiancee react if you suggested inviting your ex-girlfriend to the wedding?

Q – I still talk to my ex-girlfriend. Is it appropriate to invite her to the wedding?

Planning your wedding guest list can be a daunting process—especially when it comes to deciding whether to invite certain people. Case in point: exes. Is it OK to invite an ex-girlfriend (or an ex-boyfriend, for that matter) to your wedding?

Start by asking yourself a few questions: Am I still good friends with my ex? Does my fiancée know this person well and like her? Would it seem strange if she didn’t attend your wedding?

If it’s been quite a while since the relationship ended and you’re still friends with the ex, then it’s probably appropriate to invite her. On the other hand, if you’ve remained friends with an ex, but haven’t spoken to the person for a few years, you have no obligation to invite her to your wedding.

So, what should you do if your fiancée doesn’t like or get along with your ex? Try talking about it. Having a chat about it might be all your fiancée needs to come around. But, if it’s still a no-budge issue, try to understand how your fiancée feels and put yourself in her shoes. Whether it’s jealousy or a clash of personalities, you should respect your fiancée’s feelings on this one. A big part of being married is making compromises. Consider this one of many more to come between you. Your wedding should be a special day for the both of you, one that you share with your family and best friends, which may or may not include your exes.


Stay tuned each week as we’ll be posting new advice from The Wedding Babe (as well as more info on the babe herself). If you’ve got a burning question for her, please submit it here. And please, no more requests for nude photos. The Wedding Babe is a happily married woman.. who could probably kick your ass.

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One Response to “Ask the Wedding Babe: Inviting Exes to Your Wedding”

  1. Brenda Green Says:

    Good answers already provided. As a visual, how many people saw the recent video of an outdoor wedding… A woman rode up on the back of a motorcycle. She got off and walked toward the bride andattacked her. They faught on the ground as announcer said it was the grooms ex girlfiend.

    Do you really know how your ex feels about you? If there are strong feelings you are not fully aware of, they may appear during the wedding.

    There are some genuinely good ex’s out there, if you have one of those and your fiance’ agrees with you on that, then it maybe acceptable.

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