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The Top 10 Groomsmen Gifts of 2011

Today, we’re pumped to launch our official 2011 Groomsmen Gift Guide. We’re confident that no matter what type of guys are in your wedding party, you’ll be able to find something perfect for them on this year’s list.

2010 was the year of barware and drinking gear for wedding attendant gifts. This year, grooms are taking a more practical approach with grooming and business executive themes. For more information on each product or to place an order, just click on any image. We’re also helping you save money by offering free shipping on orders over $149.

Personalized Men's Grooming Kit

Men’s Grooming Kit

Men’s Grooming Kit – The distressed leather grooming kit includes three khaki zippered compartments along with a magnetic snap closure so your belongings won’t go flying everywhere during travel.

Perfect for: The business traveler who needs to look his best each day while traveling with limited space.

custom car wash kit

Car Wash Kit

Personalized Car Wash Kit – The only thing that guys love more than cars is clean cars. Our brand new car wash kit features a black canvas bag, squeegee, mop brush, mop mitt, sponge and finishing dry cloth — everything he’ll need to keep his ride looking like he just drove it off the lot.

Perfect for: The guy who spends more time washing his car than doing his laundry.

Personalized Mens Dresser Set

Men’s Dresser Set – Between iPhones, key chains, wallets and cash — guys have a lot to keep track of. This makes having an organized dresser set extremely important… especially if you’re constantly on the go. This set includes the catch-all tray and a special photo box to store pictures, ticket stubs and other important items.

Perfect for: The guy who can never find his keys.

Louisville Slugger MLB Engraved Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger MLB Engraved Baseball Bats

Louisville Slugger MLB Team Logo Bats (buy here) – Isn’t it great how the start of baseball season coincides with the start of wedding season? This fact helps make our MLB Slugger Bats even more of a unique gift for groomsmen. These heavy duty bat are exactly like the ones the pros use — and can be engraved with two lines of customized text. All 30 MLB teams are available.

Perfect for: The guy that will be sneaking peeks at the TV during his wedding reception to see how his beloved team is doing.

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks

Secret Agent Cufflinks (buy here) – Not only is this unique cufflink set useful because the pieces can be worn on the wedding day… they also serve as a spiffy spy tool. The end of each cuff link can be screwed open to reveal a secret compartment that’s ideal for storing top secret government codes (or just a secret message from a friend).

Perfect for: The James Bond fans in your wedding party.

Personalized cooler duffle bag

Personalized 2-in-1 Cooler Duffle Bag

2-in-1 Cooler Duffle Bag (buy here) – Whether you’re heading to the gym or the beach, our custom cooler/duffle bag can handle all of your transport needs. For picnic purposes, the bag can hold up to 36 cans PLUS ice. If you’re just in need of a bag for clothes or workout gear, the bag measures 20″ x 10″ x 11 1/2″ and features front and side pockets.

Perfect for: The guy who likes to work out before taking his special lady on a picnic date (just remind him to wash the bag after he removes his sweaty clothes from it)!

Personalized Money Clip Keychain Set

Personalized Money Clip and Key Chain Gift Set

Money Clip + Key Chain Gift Set – Here’s an extremely practical gift that won’t break the bank. Most grooms tell us that they’d love to give the gift of a new money clip or keychain, but most sets are simply way too expensive. This durable, stylish money clip/key chain pairing is a steal. And as if the price wasn’t enough to seal the deal, both pieces in this set can be engraved with custom personalization.

Perfect for: The guy who’s wallet looks as if it might disintegrate at any moment.

Chalkboard Beer Mug

Chalkboard Beer Mug

Chalkboard Beer Mug (buy here) – A truly original gift. This isn’t your typical beer mug. Each of our custom designed beer mugs features an attached chalkboard (chalk included). Think of the laughs you’ll get from your Best Man when you hand him a mug that says “Thanks for not farting during the ceremony!”

Perfect for: The guy who’s still in college and needs something to impress his frat buddies.

Personalized Leather Cigar Holder

Personalized Leather Cigar Holder

Leather Cigar Holder (buy here) – Here’s a dilemma: you’ve got a great cigar that you need to get from Point A to Point B without being damaged. Enter our Personalized Leather Cigar Holder. This baby measures 7.75″ long and is 3″ deep — ideal measurements for keeping your favorite stogie dry and flavorful.

Perfect for: The guy in your wedding party that likes to think he’s the “most interesting man in the world.”

ncaa grill tools

NCAA Grill Tools

NCAA Grill Tool Set (buy here) – This awesome product sold so well in late 2010 that we had to add it to our 2011 Gift Guide. The college grill tools are available for over 40 popular schools. Each set includes tongs, a grill fork and a spatula. Priced at $49.95, this is a steal!

Perfect for: The guy who never leaves his couch on Saturday (except to grill).

Which gift featured above would you most like to have? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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