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Bring Some Pong Into Your Bachelor Party Plans


Sure, you’ll be hitting the town on your bachelor party night — but what the hell are you going to do after you and your boys get back from the bars and you’re not ready to end the party? Sure you could call strippers, but your Best Man is poor and those girls aren’t cheap (or at least the ones you want aren’t). You could play around with inflatable farm animals… but isn’t that sort of creepy? My suggestion: grab some beer and a PONG DECK!

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’ve played beer pong before. Pong Deck takes this great game and adds a new twist.  The cards in the Pong Deck game give instructions on what to do after a shot is made. There are “action” cards and “drink” cards. This means you may end up having to do a four second chug OR having to make a bank hook shot with your eyes closed. Either way, it sounds like some good ‘ol fashion drunken fun to me. It’s also worth nothing that the cards are water/beer-proof. This means your deck won’t be destroyed after one round of game-play.

Pong Deck is fun, portable and affordable at $9.99. Don’t believe us, just watch this how-to video from the Pong Deck team. If you still have questions afterwards, you probably aren’t ready for Pong Deck.

Pong Deck

A few cards from Pong Deck

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Do you and your friends have any “house rules” for playing beer pong? If so, share them with us in the comment box below.

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