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Spanx for Men: Would Ya?


A few months back, our friends at OneWed brought the men’s shapewear trend to our attention. Since then, we’ve noticed an increase in chatter on the topic.. and it’s not pretty. Instead of a workout routine before the wedding, men are turning to molded shapewear to do the job. Call me old fashion, but wtf, mate?

Here’s the latest — Spanx, the company known for body shaping undergarments for women has recently launched a men’s line in the US and is preparing to also do so in the UK. The line includes undershirts and underwear. Company founder Sara Blakely recently stated, “The men in my life, and in Hollywood, have been asking me to make “Spanx for men” for years.”


Our questions are simple and direct. Men, would you consider wearing shapewear on your wedding day? Brides, how would you feel if you discovered on the wedding night that your groom had been wearing Spanx all day?

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One Response to “Spanx for Men: Would Ya?”

  1. Matt Bernier Says:

    How is this different than guys who wear tighter shirts than they ever should below their t-shirt, or who wear a cumberbun at the wedding?

    I think that guys want just as much to remember being “thinner and fitter” in their wedding pictures, just like women do…Sometimes there just isn’t time to get to the gym and work off the pounds

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