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Top 10 Signs Your Future In-Laws Hate You

Have you been trying to determine whether your fiance’s parents like you? Below are 10 sure-fire signs that they DO NOT.

Does this look familiar?

Look familiar?

10.) At family gatherings, your place setting is always at the kiddie table.

9.) When she introduced you to her parents for the first time, they laughed and said “good one!”

8.) For the past two years, your fiance’s mom has routinely called you by an ex-boyfriend’s name. When you tell her that’s not your name, she says “I know.”

7.) They’ve been openly talking about “minimizing” your presence at the wedding reception.

6.) Their engagement gift to you: arsenic.

5.) None of their requested wedding photographs include you.

4.) When the topic of children comes up, her parents assure you that they’ve already got a sperm donor in mind.

3.) You find a receipt on her father’s desk for a roll of duct tape, a box of extra large garbage bags and a shovel.

2.) They paid for the honeymoon tickets, but yours was only one way.

1.) They refer to you as “the situation.”

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