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3 Ways to Ensure Your Personal Style Makes the Wedding Cut


When was the last time, if ever, you treated yourself to a brand-new outfit (head-to-toe) for one special event? Well if you’re recently engaged here’s your chance. Being a groom is an excellent chance to show off your personal style, so go all out and get what you really want. That being said, being a groom also means making sure your personal style fits into your brides overall game plan. You might have always hoped to be wearing leather saddles during your wedding, but if your wife-to-be is organizing an evening formal, you can kiss that idea goodbye.

Think of it like this, your bride is working tirelessly on every detail to make sure the ceremony is everything she has always dreamed. Sorry grooms, but your fedora and suspenders may not fit into that dream. This doesn’t mean you should wave the white flag, it just means you need an element of tact and creative thinking to make sure you’re both happy!

So, what can you do to make sure your personal taste makes it to the big day?

1. Costume Change – The ceremony is formal, important, dramatic and beautiful, and your personal taste might not fit into what she wants. However, she may be willing to compromise during the reception. Do you have a favorite style hat you’ve always imaged wearing at the wedding? Maybe skip the need to wear it during the ceremony and let it debut at the reception.  You might hate boutonnieres and have a pocket square you’d rather wear, but maybe she’ll let you make the switch after you say your I-do’s?  There are countless ways you can make your formalwear into something you want to wear, just wait till after the ceremony.

2. Picture Time – Buying accessories like a new watch, sunglasses or shoes is part of the fun of being a groom. So, if something you really want to own doesn’t make the ceremony cut, get if for the pictures! She’ll be a lot less picky with what you wear when you’re posing with your buddies. So, this is another chance when you can get what you want and show off your style, while still keeping your bride happy.

3. As You’re Leaving – Often brides and grooms will quickly change out of their formal wear for their great escape. Here lies another opportunity to get what you’ve been wanting!  Ask her what she plans to wear as you’re running to the escape car and tell her that you want to make sure you wear something fun or special.  She’ll be happy you even care and you’re on your way to a new pair of shoes!

It’s your day too guys, so make sure you like the way you look, but remember you’ll be much happier knowing she’s happy!


Ben the Groom is a master of all things groom and is pumped to be onboard as a GroomsAdvice guest blogger. Ben is constantly searching out inspiration for style, ways to appease your fiancé, and tips to ensure smooth wedding planning. He is also dedicated to helping grooms across the globe be more involved, more capable and more prepared.

How will your personal style show up on the wedding day? Share your answer with us in the comment box below.

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