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What to Expect in Your 3rd Trimester (of Wedding Planning)


The third trimester can be draining on both your body and your emotions. You may be overcome with a sense of ‘Let’s get this over with already.’ Try to maintain a positive outlook on what you’ve already accomplished and what lies ahead. If you’re just entering the final stretch, here’s what to expect:


Aside from general discomfort, third trimester wedding symptoms include:

* Bloating
* Shortness of breath – You may occasionally feel winded or smothered. These feelings are all too common. Use strategically placed cold compresses and horse tranquilizers to reduce the pressure.
* Vivid dreams/sleepless nights
* Weight gain – By the big day, you may weigh 3 or 4 kilograms more than did when this all began. This is due to a shift in priorities, i.e. hours once spent on the treadmill will now be spent assembling song lists and confirming stuff.
* Continued breast growth


Fears about the big day may haunt you in your third trimester. “How long will it last?” “Who will be there?” “What if I forget something?” Remind yourself that you can only do your best and no more.

The reality of marriage may begin to sink in as well, especially if this is your first. Try to:

* think happy thoughts.
* express yourself in a journal or blog.
* debate circumcision.


If you have specific preferences for the big day — such as doing it in water — you may need to plan accordingly.

As the date approaches, keep asking the important questions: Can I get tanked the night before? Why the hell did we decide to go through with this in the first place? When is the best time for an epidural?

And most importantly, in the heat of the moment, try not to resent or blame your significant other. They love you dearly, and that’s why they’ve done this to you. Hold their hand through the whole process, and give them gentle squeezes whenever it becomes “too much.” Once it’s over, you won’t even remember the last 9 months. Cause you’ll probably be drunk.


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