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Get To Know Your In-Laws… on National TV

Remember the scene in ‘Meet the Parents’ where Robert De Niro hooks Ben Stiller up to the lie detector test? Pretty intense way to met your future Father-in-Law, right? Would make for a pretty interesting TV show, right?


We’re working with a major cable network that is currently casting couples and their future in-laws to participate in a hilarious new TV series about getting to know your future family.

Show Premise: For one week, the man and woman will leave each other to go live with their future in-laws for 5 days.
At the end of the 5-day week the couple will should have a better understanding of each other and their future families and  Over these 5-days the moms and dads “test” (see photo above) their future son or daughter-in-law with activities like cooking, cleaning, yard work, all in an effort to see if they have what it takes to be a good husband or wife.

Casting: The casting producers will come to your homes to interview you. This process will take approximately an hour and will involve an on-camera casting session.

Time Frame: If you’re approved for the show, taping will take place in your homes for 5-days (everything is pre-planned). The producers will do everything they can to work around your schedules. Ten episodes will be shot in total. Four have already been cast, so act now if interested!

Compensation: Couples will be paid $5,000 for their participation.

Interested couples from the NYC area can contact Pamela Hartman by e-mail at or by phone at 631.241.1560.

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    Are you for real? You guys are killin it!

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