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How to Avoid the Wedding Toast FAIL


I was at a wedding recently where I had to perform an emergency intervention. A friend of the bride’s decided that she wanted to give a “toast.” The girl is very funny, and well known for giving a good speech.

At a lot of weddings a funny, impromptu speech would be fine, but I happened to know that the bride and groom expressly did NOT want any toasts at all. They are both very shy and they also had a few relatives they were concerned about being inappropriate.  So, they decided not to open the floodgates by letting people on mic.

Luckily, the girl was not shy about sharing her plans for a toast. I heard about them, double checked with the bride, and was able to explain the “floodgate” issue to her. Toast crisis averted.

It all reminded me though how many little things brides and grooms often forget to share with other people. Whether you hire a professional “day of coordinator” or just have some friends responsible for keeping track of things, make sure to share info like this.

There will always be wedding day surprises, but letting others in on your plans will help keep them to a minimum.

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