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Feeling the Budget Crunch? Consider a Mini-Moon

bed and breakfast mini honeymoon ideas

A bed & breakfast is an ideal destination for your mini-moon

With the time and money that go in to planning a wedding, it’s no wonder that many couples don’t feel like they can afford to take a honeymoon right away. Unfortunately, most couples that put off their big trip find that “real life” has a way of interfering in their plans for a delayed honeymoon. One day you’re swearing that you’ll go to Acapulco next year, the next think you know, you’re one of those cute old couples in the local paper whose children and grandchildren surprised them with the honeymoon they never had!

If you can’t afford a dream honeymoon right away, consider spending two or three days right after the wedding recuperating.  You could go to a bed and breakfast at a nearby town, go camping, or even just go to a hotel in your own city. The point is to not try and rush directly from the wedding aisle to the workplace cubicle. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phones and keep your whereabouts secret. All your FB friends and Twitter followers can last a few days without you!

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