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Come For the Wedding, Stay For the 8-Bit Dancing

Are you worried that none of your friends will show up at your wedding because they’re all nerds that would rather stay home and play video games? No worries. Just do what Brooklyn, NY couple Elizabeth Hoagland and Christopher Burris did and make your invitations out of old NES cartridges:

Nintendo Wedding Invitation

Nintendo Wedding Invitation

Here’s a few classic NES game songs I’d love to see on this couple’s dance list:

  • Air Man Theme from Mega Man 2 (or any song from Mega Man 2 for that matter)
  • Double Dragon
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Nintendo World Cup Soccer
  • Super Mario Brothers 2
  • A Boy and His Blob

Sadly my favorite NES game of all-time, RBI Baseball, doesn’t feature a soundtrack worth dancing to.


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Suggestions on dance music from your favorite NES games? Tell us in the comments section below:

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