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Is Your Bride “Perfect?”

Woman getting botox injection

As a groom, you’re spared a lot of weird wedding news. But over on the bridal side of things we get exposed to all sorts of wacky ideas. For example, I recently heard about women injecting Botox into their underarms to prevent themselves from sweating on their wedding day.

Let’s break that down. There are women so obsessed with having a “perfect wedding day” that they are willing to inject a toxin into their underarms to prevent a perfectly natural bodily function that actually keeps them healthy.

I can almost guarantee you that almost NO ONE starts off their wedding planning thinking it’ll result in a painful injection, but the more you read and plan, the more the idea of “perfect” takes hold. That’s why it’s your job as the groom, as the guy less exposed to this sort of nonsense to keep a close eye on the quest for perfection.

If your bride says something is “perfect,” feel free to agree with her. However, if she starts rejecting things as “not perfect” gently remind her that as long as the two of you get married, it will be perfect. Don’t belittle her quest for a fabulous, wonderful experience, just keep an eye on the “perfect talk.”


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