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What Should Grooms Expect on the Wedding Day?

photo credit - Alex Gibbs Photography

photo – Alex Gibbs Photography

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably patting yourself on the back, congratulating yourself for being better than most grooms. Enjoy it now, because regardless of how many engagement battles you’ve conquered so far, you haven’t won the war until you’ve made it through your wedding day.  Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but seriously, you could spoil all your hard work if you decide to selfishly upset the bride days before or worse, day of the wedding.  So here are a few tips to be the best groom you can on the wedding day.

Expect to have fun. You will be surrounded by your family, best friends and your bride. This will be one of best days of your life, so enjoy it!  Don’t worry about getting cold feet, or being overwhelmed with anxiety, just try to relax and have a great time with everyone who has traveled to see you.  If you’re excited and having a great time, the wedding will be a blast! Your energy will add to the festivities and your bride will love you more for it! You don’t have to be the life of the party, just bring life to the party.

Expect to be the Best for your Bride. The day before and day of is when your bride will need you the most.  It is your job to make sure, as much as is groomanly possible, that she has the best day ever.  If she needs you by her side, you better be there.  If she needs you to go put out parking signs the night before, you better go do it!  But mostly, be prepared to be there for her in ways she probably won’t even notice.  For instance, if your groomsmen are acting like fools at rehearsal, it’s your job to get them in order.  If you see family members or vendors in her face when you can tell your bride needs a second to breathe, step in and  handle the situation.  After months of witnessing your bride handle the wedding extravaganza, you know her better then anyone so be alert and be there for her! Being the best groom on your wedding day doesn’t mean you have to do a lot, but it means you’re ready to do just about anything!

Expect the Unexpected. Hopefully everything goes right, but as you know everything could go wrong, so be prepared.  If things start going wrong, make sure you don’t escalate the problem. Instead, act like it’s not a big deal.  After the wedding, get busy telling her all the reasons why the “disaster” actually added to the wedding. For example “I bet the rain will make the pictures look incredible” or “even though it rained it was so neat having everyone together in that room… it didn’t feel to crowded in there at all.”  You get the idea.

Expect it to be a Blur. I realize now that the primary purpose of wedding photos is to let the bride and groom actually enjoy their wedding and all its glory.  You’ll be surprised by how many details you missed, how many people you didn’t talk too, and how fast everything happens.  For example, just yesterday I was informed by my wife that we walked out together to a Coldplay song.  There is so much happening at once, your emotions are being pulled in a million directions, it’s almost impossible to focus.  So enjoy the ride and fill in the details later.

I think the secret to a successful wedding is: Love your bride, expect the best from yourself, and surround yourself with good people.  I know all the work and build up of a wedding can get extremely tiresome, but it’s worth it! You’ll really believe me when you see her walking down the aisle.


Ben the Groom is a master of all things groom and is pumped to be onboard as a GroomsAdvice guest blogger. Ben is constantly searching out inspiration for style, ways to appease your fiancé, and tips to ensure smooth wedding planning. He is also dedicated to helping grooms across the globe be more involved, more capable and more prepared.

What are you doing to prepare for the unexpected things that could happen on the wedding day? Leave us a comment below!

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