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Alison Rowe on Anniversay Gifts For Your Bride


By Bridal Expert Alison Rowe

Searching for the perfect anniversary gift doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Whether it’s an inexpensive, romantic token or an elegant gift that she will wear and treasure every day for the rest of her life, the key is to keep it meaningful.

If you are still newlyweds, or watching the purse strings, be inspired by what you used to do when you were first dating. Perhaps make her a playlist—today’s equivalent of a mixed tape–of the songs you danced to at your wedding reception, or cook her a meal inspired by your wedding reception’s menu. If cooking isn’t your thing, try channeling your inner Shakespeare and write her a love letter full of reasons why she’s “the one”-just like men used to before the days of email and texting!

Tacori Engagement Ring - $2,950

Tacori Platinum Ring – $2,950

Another perfect option is a beautiful piece of platinum and diamond jewelry. Platinum mirrors the qualities she is looking for in her marriage as it’s the most durable of all the precious metals, the rarest and the most enduring. Pair that with a diamond, the strongest gemstone (the word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means ‘unconquerable’), and your gift will be one she can wear forever. It’s no wonder platinum and diamond jewelry has become synonymous with love! If you want some inspiration on styles, check out the design gallery on

Or, why not opt for the quintessential, breathtaking anniversary gift that makes every woman’s heart skip a beat: A diamond eternity band. This is definitely something she’ll be proud to wear everyday for the rest of her life, right alongside her engagement ring and wedding band. Whether you decide on a channel or prong setting, platinum is the perfect option as it will not only hold the diamonds more securely than any other metal, but allow them to give off their maximum brilliance, too.

Whatever gift you choose, your significant other will appreciate it because it is coming from her man.

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