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Really a No-Brainer: An Eco-Friendly Jewelry Gift for the Bride


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So you’ve found the right girl, secured an engagement ring, proposed to her, selected wedding rings, and helped plan every last detail of the wedding down to the DJ’s vegetarian dinner. The long-awaited event is just around the corner. If you’re thinking to yourself that now is the time to relax and get ready to enjoy the festivities, think again. There’s one small detail you may have overlooked: an extra gift of jewelry for the bride.

Bride-with-flowerFor the bride? After the long road you’ve traveled, the idea that your bride now needs an extra jewelry gift may sound a bit bizarre.  Buck up, weary wedding traveler. Yes, the whole wedding has been designed to please your woman, but that doesn’t mean that as the wedding approaches, a small gift of jewelry, given as a surprise, isn’t a good idea. In fact, such a gift could pay you enormous, enormous dividends.

It’s perfectly normal for the bride and groom to feel some jitters in anticipation of the wedding. A pre-wedding jewelry gift is the perfect way to calm her nerves—yours too. She’ll be enthralled by your thoughtfulness and you’ll receive the pleasure of thinking about what a thoughtful guy you are. The benefits don’t stop there.  Over the long-term, she’ll have one more piece of jewelry that she associates with magic of your wedding, not to mention your rock-solid romantic credentials. Last but not least, she may actually need some earrings or a pendant to wear on your wedding day and in the years to come.

Deciding to get your bride a piece of jewelry in advance of the wedding is really a no-brainer. The harder challenge is selecting a piece that she’ll like. Fortunately, when it comes to pre-wedding jewelry gifts, you need look no further than Brilliant Earth.  All of our jewelry is meticulously crafted, conflict-free, and sourced according to the highest ethical standards. And, we offer a range of earrings, pendants, and rings that make perfect gifts for your bride.

A good option is always to go with something classic—such as diamonds.  Girls like diamonds not just because of their radiance and beauty but because diamonds go with just about anything. For instance, she’s sure to love our Platinum Four-Prong Diamond Pendant, featuring a ½ carat round diamond mounted into a four-pronged setting. She’ll also go nuts for our 18K Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings, made from a beautifully matched pair of Canadian round brilliant diamonds. A more budget-conscious option is our Silver Heart Pendant, a heart-shaped silver pendant studded with a single sparkling, conflict-free diamond.

Some brides are looking for earrings or pendants to match an engagement or wedding ring. If her ring has sapphires, you can help her achieve a stunning look by showering her with more blue sapphires. Take a look at our 18K White Gold Sapphire Stud Earrings or our 18K White Gold Sapphire Halo Diamond Pendant. A less expensive option is our Silver Wave Pendant, featuring a small blue sapphire attached to the crest of a wave.

If she already has “something blue”, try something green! We recommend either our Green Emerald Halo Diamond Pendant or our budget-friendly Green Sapphire Leaf Pendant, both featuring exquisite, ethically-sourced green gems.

When it comes to jewelry and girls, sometimes more truly is better. Sure, you could get her a diamond pendant, but why not get her one with a center diamond surrounded by—more diamonds? Our 18K White Gold Diamond Halo Necklace features a 1/3 carat diamond surrounded by pavé-set diamond accents.

OK, so she’s already gotten two rings out of this wedding, but isn’t three is the perfect number? For her right hand, or the one without the wedding and engagement rings, we recommend our 18K White Gold Flora Ring, an intricately detailed ring with diamond-accented leaves and buds. Or, add splendor to the rings on her left hand by stacking alongside them our 18K White Gold Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring, one of the most elegant rings in our collection.

If you’ve gotten this far into the wedding process, you know that it never hurts to ask for help from all those wedding people who know weddings inside out. Don’t forget that our own fashion experts are there to assist you in selecting the ideal piece of jewelry to give her in advance of the wedding. With our help, she’ll be going bonkers for you as the big day approaches. So be the groom who goes the extra mile. While we can’t promise that a jewelry gift at this point will endear you to her for every second of every day once the wedding is over, you’ll have one more tool in your arsenal—and in her jewelry box—to add a sparkle to your lives together.

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One Response to “Really a No-Brainer: An Eco-Friendly Jewelry Gift for the Bride”

  1. Kate Says:

    No wedding should be completely designed to please the woman – for goodness sakes, in this day and age your marriage is hopefully a marriage of equals, and your wedding should reflect that. You’re going to be making very, very important decisions together for a long time, and you should really begin this process NOW.

    Also, this article does a complete disservice to women. I may feel a little jittery on th wedding day, but a shiny rock is not going to distract me from the ENORMOUS LIFE CHANGE AND BINDING CONTRACT I’m about to enter into. Women are not magpies, to be distracted by shiny baubles from confronting their perfectly legitimate feelings.

    Also, I don’t need your help to “go bonkers” for my groom. I already am crazy about him. That’s why I agreed to marry him. If you aren’t in love enough with your man to marry him even if he can’t afford more than a ring from a 25 cent machine at the mall, you have no business signing that wedding license.

    Jewellery is not a weapon to be used to ensure that people like you, or to buy anyone’s love.

    This is the most insulting thing I have ever seen this jewellery company print. My engagement ring from you has had to be adjusted twice in the first ten months of ownership because it was crafted poorly the first time, and now this load of sexist drivel – I have lost all respect for your company, and will cease to recommend you. There are other places to get conflict free diamonds, and your consumers deserve to be treated with respect.

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