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How Many Empty Cans Would It Take to Pay for a Celebrity Wedding?

Did you hear about the couple that raised $3,800 for their wedding by collecting empty aluminum cans? Spokane, WA residents Peter Geyer and Andrea Parrish needed approximately 400,000 empty cans to meet their goal (which they met with a little help from donations by Alcoa and United Recycling Co.).

Peter Geyer and Amanda

Peter Geyer and Amanda Parrish collected $3,800 worth of empty cans to help fund their wedding.

This got us to thinking. How many cans would it take to pay for an elaborate celebrity wedding? If you break down the value of each single can from the Spokane wedding, it comes in at just under a penny (.0095 cents to be exact). We checked ‘The 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings’ and determined how many cans would have been needed to be saved to pay for the top weddings on the list.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston – $1 Million Wedding – 105,263,158 cans

Madonna & Guy Ritchie –$1.5 Million Wedding – 157,894,736 cans

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – $2 Million Wedding – 210,526,315 cans

Paul McCartney & Heather Mills – $3 Million Wedding – 315,789,473 cans

Liza Minnelli & David Gest – $3.5 Million Wedding – 368,421,052 cans

Think that’s a lot cans? That’s nothing! The world’s most expensive wedding ever was held for Vanisha Mittal (daughter of European steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal) and her fiancé Amit Bhatia in 2004. The tab came to approximately $60 Million USD!

That equates to 6,315,789,473 cans! That’s right – over 6 billion cans.

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