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Bride Diapers: Scaring Grooms & Rendering Bridesmaids Useless


Our friends over at The Frisky recently posted about a scary, scary development in bridal wear: diapers.

Yes, diapers…. like what babies wear.

Bridal diapers. You’re kidding me, right? This is genuinely disturbing. Apparently bridal shops have been telling brides about this “trend” for years. I wonder how my wife and I missed out on this during our wedding planning months. Oh yea, I remember, we are grown-ups and don’t wear diapers. Whatever happened to the good ‘ol days of the Maid of Honor holding up the bride’s dress while she pees? I mean, if that’s off the table, what is the point of even having bridesmaids?

Look brides, I get it. It’s tough to pee while you’re in a giant puffy dress. But, trust me, you’re going to creep the hell out of the groom if he knows you’re wearing a diaper (possibly full of you know what) while saying your vows. And we’re pretty sure it’s going to creep you out when you get back to the hotel room after the reception and need to hose yourself down!

That’s all. Thanks for reading.


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If you’re a bride that wore a diaper on her wedding day, comment below and tell us about it. We welcome all thoughts on why this isn’t as sick as it sounds.

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45 Responses to “Bride Diapers: Scaring Grooms & Rendering Bridesmaids Useless”

  1. benthegroom Says:

    this could fall into the “deal breaker” catagory

  2. Robyn Says:

    Even if going involved a funnel, garden hose and bucket, I would still never wear a diaper to my wedding.

  3. Shelly Says:

    I wore one. I’d never admit it to anyone that I knew. I wanted to enjoy my day without having to worry about a half hour trip to the bathroom. When we got back to the hotel room, I simply showered before things got going.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I wore one, and I didn’t think of it as a “diaper” until I read this LOL!
    Honestly, I can’t even count how many times wearing my wedding diaper saved me on my wedding day. We had everything scheduled down to the second, and my groom knew that he had a 45 second buffer, but if anything went off-track beyond that: there was going to be hell to pay.

    With such a tight schedule, I had to lose a couple basic elements to make room for the more memorable one. My wedding day was the most important day of my life: I didn’t want to use up any memory real estate with the inside of a bathroom stall LOL! Who would?!

    I used my single diaper at least four times during the entire event, although it may have been more than that. I was too busy having the time of my life to remember such a trivial element.

    I know I unloaded in it during the vows and during our first dance, but only because I can remember the warmth of it. There was NO seepage, which was important to me. Because everything was contained, it was felt like I was wearing a perfectly fitted pair of warming panties. Sure, it got a little cold after a while: but nothing a couple hits couldn’t warm up. I was drinking enough for my “supply” to never run out, all through the night!

    I was completely prepared, and by the end of the night all we had to do was cut it off, put it in a ziplock (a gladware container would work even better!) and now I still have it with the rest of my keepsakes.

    I know it sounds a little off-putting, but if you don’t mind sitting in and smelling a little bit like urine, it will save you at least 10-15 minutes, which you can otherwise spend with the people you love.

  5. ALY Says:

    You cannot be real. You actually took a piss in the middle of your vows and while having your first dance? If this is the most memorable day of your life, why would you want to remember pissing during your vows? Does your husband know you urinated as you held each other through your first song? You lost me when you said you saved it as a keepsake in a ziplock bag. “Disgusting” isn’t even strong enough of a word to describe such a thing. I cannot even conceive of this not being a joke. Are you joking?

  6. Becky Says:

    Wow, ALY, way to not be able to get a joke.

  7. ALY Says:

    Becky read the last line :)

  8. Cobblur Says:

    yo i am getting married next june ::re june gloom hahaha::: for real my girlfriend and myself are excited and love reading news about weddings online so thank you::

    i have a queston for andrea about peeing in your diaber during the wedding:::: did you do a dumplet too or did you jos number 2

    etiher way i think we will both be wearing diapers just in case on account of all the screaming can make me go when I get scared

    thanks and peace and love and ps3 and love

  9. Cobblur Says:

    sorry i ment number 1 but if you number 2d too that would be cool

  10. Andrea Says:

    No joke, Aly! But at times, it was kind of funny.

    To be honest: it was one of the many “behind the scenes” secrets of our wedding that only my groom and I knew about. We had this connection that nobody else in a room full of family and friends new about, and it was pretty intimate.

    At one point, during some dancing (not the first dance) my new husband (yay!) leaned in and asked me if I was still wearing it. I went into it right there and told him so. He pretended to be annoyed- he’s a clown.

    Cobblur: I never went 2 on purpose, but you try eating shrimp for 6 hours, and you see how little YOU go in your diaper ;) not with as many hugs as I was getting!

  11. amanda Says:

    when i got married 3 years ago i wore a disposable diaper with white plastic pants over it.they saved the day as i was so nervous i had an accident during the ceremony.after the ceremony i took the diaper off and dried off the plastic pants and wore them for the rest of the day.on our wedding night i put on a baby doll top with the plastic pants and my new husband got very turned on by it.we had a very interesting wedding night!

  12. jenny Says:

    I wore a diaper under my dress. I ordered a special cloth diaper for the day from Loving Comfort. It was embroidered with with two bunnies, hearts, out names and the date. I covered it with clear plastic pants with a blue lace trim (my something blue!). My wedding dress was big enough that no one knew that I was wearing a diaper. I wet it a couple of times during the ceremony and reception and was happy that I didn’t have to be interrupted by trips to the bathroom. My husband knew about my diaper before the wedding so it was not a big surprise on our wedding night.

  13. sheila Says:

    just wanted to say when i got married 4 years ago i didnt wear a diaper but i had my three flower girls who were 6,7 and 10 each wear a cloth diaper and ruffled plastic pants under their poofy dresses.they wore lace anklets and mary jane type shoes with their dresses.their dresses were mid thigh length and when they would bend over their diaper and ruffled plastic pants could be seen.they looked very cute!

  14. Julie Flounders Says:

    Sheila you are sick

  15. Jennifer Says:

    I wore one too and would do it again! The only people who knew were my maid of honor and husband. I had a very big dress and I always have to go to the bathroom when I get nervous so in order to keep the ceromony on time I thought this was the best option for me. When we got back to the room my husband helped me get my dress and diaper off before things got going! Later that night for fun my husband and I diapered each other before we fell asleep!

  16. emily Says:

    Wow I am glad I am not the only one who wore a diaper.!My husband actually talked me into wearing a diaper so there was no surprise at the end of the night. I used the diaper the whole night and had no leaks and did not miss a moment of my wedding because I was in the bathroom. I know some people think this is gross but there are many people who have to wear adult diapers for medical reasons and I don’t think of them as gross. I now have an appreciation of what they are going through. To this day I am glad I wore the diaper. Go for it ladies it is not that bad.

  17. Tammy Says:

    I am so sick of all the negatives towards adults wearing diapers. I was born with a rare condition that made my bladder deformed; it looks like an oblong tube. I have worn diapers all my life, I am clean, and the only time I might smell is when I wake up in the morning. I am not a baby so stop referring to diapers are only for babies, you people with this negative views on diapers disgust me. There are jobs that require you to wear diapers even if you don’t need them, deep sea divers, Astronauts, I have also found the guards a Bucking Ham palace wear them too, You know the ones in the Bearskin hats. The point is if you don’t want to wear a diaper at your wedding its your choice, so if you don’t shut the hell up. I have known a lot of functional people with slight bladder problems, these people may be able to get to the bathroom, but if things get to busy they have an accident, in their case its great for traveling, some bus and airports can be a rush some times, I know. I speak for all people that have to, or need to wear diapers for other reasons, to those that think wear babies or discusting, keep your freaking opinions to yourself, you are all a poor pathetic excuse for the human race.

  18. admin Says:

    It sounds like Tammy needs to have her diaper changed..

  19. Ok Says:

    There’s one thing I dont get, if you brides had such tight schedule’s that you couldnt even take a piss, then how the hell did your grooms find the time to use the bathroom? I know it would take a groom less time but still, I mean if he’s allowed to take time out of your wedding day then you should be able to. Or at least have him wear a diaper to so your not the only one, or better yet learn how to use a funnel, urine device that lets females pee standing up, there not hard to use and its easy to just tuck the end of the dress under your chin (like a boy with a shirt) and aim.

  20. don Says:

    my ex-wife and i got married in august of 1973.she had graduated from high school that june,turned 18 in july and was married in august.i was 23.she wore a pair of plastic pants that snapped up the sides under her white pantyhose.our marriage only lasted a little over 6 years then we divorced.

  21. april Says:

    I was married at 20and didnt want my day spoiled so i wore a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my dress.I am catholic and was confirmed 4 years earlier at parish required the girls to wear a white poofy,floor lengh dress with a veil ,gloves,tights and shoes.under our tights we had to wear the cloth diaper and plastic pants to symbloize our purity of our mom put my confirmation diaper and plastic pants and tights away with my dress.for my wedding i took the diaper and plastic pants out of the box and wore them under my wedding gown and they made me feel more pure like when i was confirmed and also incase i had an husband took them off of me on our wedding night and the rest is history.Ithink if a bride is a virgin for her wedding she should wear a diaper and plastic pants to symbolize her purity and innocence of a baby for her husband.

  22. Mr Frostings Says:

    Ok, the post was fine, BUT the comments are incredible! This is great stuff. You really should write a book.

  23. Tiffany Says:

    Okay, some of the comments are clearly fake….but I admit it, I wore a diaper on my wedding day. I was advised by a couple of friends to do so, that the nerves can create “problems.” When I finally decided to do it, I thought “What the heck, it doesn’t hurt anything and could prevent a horribly embarrassing accident.” I honestly thought there would be no way I’d use it. I told my husband like two days before, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “That’s fine, wish I could too. I have to pee when I get nervous.” I actually tried to get him to wear one too, but he refused. And he (very, very occasionally) wets the bed, so he almost had more reason to wear one than I did!

    Three minutes before the ceremony, I suddenly have to go…BAD. I hadn’t gone in 3 or 4 hours, just plain forgot to. I am literally starting to do a dance, but stop so I don’t look like a toddler. And then, bam. I had an accident. Like a full-on, little kid accident. In my diaper. I was about to cry and told my bridesmaids. They made me feel better, a couple of them telling me they had accidents at their weddings too.

    Well, I forgot all about it. My ceremony was beautiful. Nobody knew about the accident but my bridesmaids. I got my diaper changed after the ceremony before we left the church (there’s a job for your maid of honor!). I remembered feeling silly that I was bringing two dry diapers with me that morning…not anymore! Later at the reception, I suddenly realized again that I had to go BAD as I was between dances after dinner. I felt like a little kid going to her mommy as I found my maid of honor and told her I had to pee really bad. I couldn’t help but to do a little dance as we tried to get there in time….but for the second time that night (and the second time since I was like 15) I full on peed myself. I couldn’t believe it had happened twice in a row. I was so embarrassed telling her I needed my final diaper. She just laughed and said it happened to her sometimes if she was caught away from a toilet.

    It was just an hour later when I couldn’t get away from a conversation with my uncle and had a 3rd accident. I didn’t want to admit to my maid of honor that I had another accident, so I just didn’t drink anything anymore and changed out of it in the hotel room at the end of the night. I just told hubby that I sweated too much and wanted to shower real quick. He asked me the next morning if I’d had an accident, and I told him everything. No secrets!

  24. Anon Says:

    You say it will creep the groom out? lol I would be quite turned on if my bride decided to wear a diaper under her wedding gown. I probably wouldn’t be able to keep my mind on the vows even.

  25. Lisa Says:

    I wore disposable diapers to my wedding. I was worried about it being visible under my dress, but my dress was so poofy, and besides, I wore sheer white pantyhose with a control top that stopped any “crinkles” and helped disguise the diaper.

    I wasn’t sure I’d use one, but sure enough, I was SO nervous, and even though I tried not to drink much, I had to go. Right before the ceremony I had to go bad, I thought “why not, I don’t want to feel like this during the ceremony” so I used it. It was hard at first to even do it, and while doing it, I couldn’t even tell I was, except that things felt slightly warm at first, and I could feel my diaper getting heavier and starting to sag in my pantyhose a bit.

    I went through a total of three diapers that day, they helped, and it wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be. I had told my husband to be about it, so he wasn’t shocked to see a diaper underneath my pantyhose back at our hotel room. And as anon says, he was more than happy to help me get it off and in the garbage ASAP.

  26. Trisha Says:

    My hubby wet himself at the reception. I saw him from across the room talking to his guy friends and I could tell he had to go – then he hurried to the potty but didn’t make it in time. He was so cute, trying to hide it from me. I finally asked him if he had an accident and he admitted it. It wasn’t the first time he had peed his pants in front of me, so it wan’t a big deal. Boys just have a harder time with accidents. But I do know some women do too, so why not wear a bridal diaper if necessary. Wish they had one for my hubby!

  27. Sara Says:

    Don’t hate on the the diaper. I MIGHT wear one, and I’m not planning on just casually peeing my pants. The truth is, I had a couple (literally, a couple) drinks last Saturday wearing shorts. Completely peed my pants, like running down the leg peed my pants in the middle of a bar. No one I was with was surprised. Last night I almost peed the bed twice. So the diaper idea (or maybe even just a maxi pad) is more of a ‘just in case’ type of thing. In those last moments where a man could simply whip it out of his tux zipper a woman is struggling to pull a dress up. I’m very tiny and have a terribly weak bladder as it is. So sorry I don’t want to pee on a 1200 dollar dress. It’s a safety precaution, not an excuse to pee while you’re saying I do. I plan pee breaks too. So if you don’t have a weak bladder, or don’t have a dress that you actually care about, then go ahead and think your special right before your “adult” self has an accident. And don’t act like it’s easy just like every man does. Apparently we can just say abra cadabra and our dress is up and clean. Bridesmaids can’t pull it up in a split second either. All these special methods take time, which some brides just don’t have.

  28. MarumiW Says:

    I’m pretty much surprised about all these comments. Since I was born. I was born with a congenital urogenital malformation. All my life it has been a hell, because I have suffered from countless urinary tract infections. I can’t hold my pee for more than 2 hours. It’s impossible. I mean I can hold it the whole day, but I start to feel bad immediately and my kidneys hurt a lot. All my life I’ve been living going to the bathroom like 15 times a day. I’m currently a universitary student and I’m scared of working without being able to pee while I’m working. Last year, I got stones in my kidneys and suferred from pielonefritis. Thanks to the antibiotics I recovered, but because the infection was already in one of my kidneys I ended up with damage in one of them. And for the stones, after many months of drinking water and jumping the rope I eliminated all the stones. I had a urography and it showed that I don’t have stones any more and my malformation has gone because of the years. So now I’m fine, but in the whole process urologist found out I had low bladder capacity. That explain why I have to go to the bathroom so many times and why it was so easy that I got urinary tract infections. Since my bladder doesn’t have a big capacity it helds more bacterias or is easy for me to get them since I can’t eliminate so much pee like normal people. I go to the bathroom many times but pee only a little. Of course in my life don’t want to get married even less have child. But…

    I’m surprised I can’t imaginate how unconfortable would be to wear a wedding dress and need to go to pee. When you say “I held my pee for 4 hours” That’s surprised me. I wish I could hold it for that long!! I wish I was normal. If you all don’t have kidney problems or bladder problem imagine how is life for someone who have them. Even if I have this problem I have never thought of wearing diapers. Firstly because they are expensive and I’m just a student. But all my friends know that I have this problem and every time I need to go to pee they understand. Or when I need to travel, but it’s difficult to live like this. The thing is that many people comment about “how disgusting is to use a diaper in your wedding day” or “if they are joking when they pee while dancing or with the votes” but I think that is understanble. Every body is different also the excretory system. You can excpect that because some of you can hold your pee for a long time other people can. So I really really congratulate people who take the wise decision of wearing diapers to avoid problems. And I don’t find it disgusting. In fact, I think that people who say: “That gross how disguting” will regret their words, when they are older can’t hold their pees because of the age. At least people who already wear them are used to them. I think that diapers are a good solution for many uncofortable situation and if you are going to get married with your husband who will spend the rest of your life with you. Then he will understand your decision and everything so there shouldn’t be any surprise for the end of the day. Still I’m surprised. Anyways I’m glad to read that despite of the problem many of you had a nice wedding day. And please excuse my English but I speak Spanish.

  29. Bo Says:

    I am doing a lot of 18th and 19th century reenactment.

    I know a lot of ladies wearing a diaper under their pretty huge dresses.

    Why is it so extremely horrible to wear a diaper? As some pointed out, Guardsmen at Buckingham Palace, Deep seadivers use it.

  30. Bri Says:

    I have been at weddings where a groom or best man has had to rush out to pee – maybe diapers for grooms isn’t such a bad idea.

  31. Alyssacallidus Says:

    I have a notoriously tiny bladder, but would never have worn ‘bridal diapers’ on our wedding day. I just don’t see the point in making yourself more uncomfortable than you need to be, and my experience of *all* feminine hygiene products is that they are not comfortable. I can understand why you would ‘just in case’, and obviously if you need to for medical reasons but saying that you ‘need’ to because of a tight schedule or a difficult dress seems bizarre… in the same way that wearing a overly hot dress, or having a massive difficult-to-manage hairstyle seems bizarre – just more to go wrong and make you feel physically uncomfortable on the one day that everyone is looking at you.

    Also, Tammy, never try to “speak for all people”, its bloody rude to assume that all people with bladder problems agree with you.

  32. Erin Latchke Says:

    Ewww…wouldn’t there be a smell eventually? And do you leave it on during the reception, too?
    totally gross.

  33. Gregory Says:

    My wife wore diapers for our wedding and seriously people, for those on here are getting so worked up. A diaper makes sense and saves a ton of hassle. If you aren’t able to rationally deal with your own bodily fluids, I think a little self-evaluation is in order.

    In our wedding, in addition to the trials of getting into the dress and corsets under them, we also got married on fairly expansive outdoor grounds, so it would have taken a lot of walking, all the while dragging an expensive dress.

    I recognize a good decision when I see it. Yes on diapers…

  34. Cyndi Says:

    Seriously people? I cannot believe all of the negative posts toward wearing a bridal diaper.

    Would you be of the same mind towards a bride wearing a tampon or pad if she is having her period? Can you explain the difference? I thank my Lord that when I was married it wasn’t that time of the month. But I think the comparison with this is valid. If there is a possibility that you might have an accident, then wearing a “diaper” is no different than wearing a maxi-pad. Wearing one is to prevent a GREATER EMBARRASSMENT!

    This is not some sort of freakish behavior as some of you make this out to be. The fact is that many of us have problems occasionally with not being able to hold it when being nervous or for an extended period of time. Once you have had your first child, this also sometimes causes problems when you sneeze or just “really need to go”. After my first son was born, I sometimes find that when I am nervous or stressed, I simply can’t hold it. I also need to pee more frequently than when I was a younger.

    When I was married, there was absolutely no way I was going to risk being wed and in a three-hour reception without some sort of protection.

    You mockers make it sound like such a disgusting thing to wear at your wedding. But how much more embarrassing would it have been to have wet my dress in front of everybody! I can just see the comments, “Oh why is the floor wet dear?”

    I do not wear protection all the time. I do not consider myself incontinent. However, when I have to be somewhere when I know I can’t use the loo for quite some time, or if I am going to have to get up in front of a lot of people, I will wear either a special pad with plastic pants, or OMG! sometimes even a diaper!

    SO, for you naysayers out there, GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD AN ACCIDENT SINCE YOU WERE TWO! But, for those of us who have for whatever reason not been blessed with this form of confidence, I for one suggest wearing a bridal “diaper”. It is much better than the alternative.

    I am glad that I did! My husband knew about it and he was more than understanding. There was nothing less romantic about our wedding night in any fashion. I told him I just needed a few more minutes to “take care of things”, and that was that!

    Morale of Story – If you “think” you might have a problem, then wearing a bridal diaper makes sense. (Just don’t pay a lot for it, there is nothing special about a bridal diaper from other incontinence products, just find one that works for you.) If you never have had this concern, then don’t. But please don’t mock others who may find a eased sense of mind by doing this!

  35. MarriedinMarch Says:

    This is an interesting discussion! I plan to wear a diaper under my bridal gown just in case but my fiancé who is incontinent will be wearing as well. We are both comfortable around adult diapers and it makes complete sense to me.

  36. chad Says:

    Its sexy as hell

  37. Ashie Says:

    Yes, okay, I pee my pants. This used to be embarrassing to me, but I’ve come to terms with it. I have a tiny bladder and I have bad potty habits. At this point, not sure how I’m going to change those habits. I hold it too long or forget to go, and I have 1-2 accidents a week during the day. I also have 2-3 accidents a week at night. Most not like ‘soak the bed’ kind of accidents, but I will start to wet in bed and have to run to the potty, sometimes wetting more on the way.

    So yeah, I will proudly wear a diaper under my wedding dress in 3 1/2 weeks. I am not a baby, I just have a hard time getting to the potty in time when I have a lot going on. This isn’t a new concept; I still wear diapers when I go out to dinner or go on a road trip. Why should I be embarrassed? Some 3 year olds are potty trained, some 25 year olds (like me) aren’t. It is what it is. Make fun of me if you want. I’ll keep trying my hardest to use the potty but when I fail, I know I’ll have my husband there to still kiss me and hug me and tell me it’s okay.

  38. Ashie Says:

    Me again. Found this site again. I wore a diaper at my wedding and had one accident – big deal. My mom actually changed my diaper, less embarrasing than a maid of honor I think. My husband has talked me into wearing diapers 24/7 now and I’m happy – better to have protection on when you have an accident.

  39. Darcy Says:

    Ashie,I got married last fall and i too wore a diaper under my gown! it was a disposable and i had white plastic pants over it for added protection.i too wet in the diaper as our ceremony was not quite 3 hours long.I changed into another diaper before our reception and had a great time,but didnt wet in that new husband was very supportive of me and actually liked taking the plastic pants and diaper off of me on our wedding night.what kind of diaper did you wear?

  40. Katherin Says:

    I shall wear a diaper when I get married.
    I will have too as I am incontinent.
    My boyfriend knows and he calls me his baby girl and I call his daddy (when we are on our own).

  41. Janet Says:

    I’ve had a problem with minor incontinence all my life, so wearing at diaper at my wedding wasn’t even a 2nd thought for me. I am also more than a little disturbed by all the negative comments on this topic. I understand people being shocked if someone only wore them so they could avoid going to the restroom and planned to just wet their diaper, but come on, this isn’t the point! Plenty of women have incontinence issues, why do you think Depends exist??? Why do you think they have an “Underwareness” campaign showing women wearing depends:
    So rather than ridiculing and humiliating us poor women with bladder contol issues, how about you embrace the fact that diapers are a fact of life for many women, and that ANY time we are forced to go long periods with limited access to restrooms, we will be wearing thicker and more absorbant diapers. And yes, there are all sorts of levels of protection made for women with this problem. From smaller pads (don’t use menstrual pads as they aren’t made to absorb urine well), to “disposable underwear” (which have to be pulled up-which means panty hose must come off to put them on) to full tape on diapers (which don’t require undressing to put on or change). So YES, I wore a FULL DIAPER to my wedding. I needed maximum absorbancy and the ability to easily change it in the very likely event I had leakage.

  42. Pete Says:

    Be who you want and as long as you like yourself and aren’t hurting anyone in the process the it makes no difference what others think!! It’s good to see people who make decisions to better themselves in whatever situation they are in!!

  43. Clarice A. Says:

    When i was 16 and in 10th grade,i recieved my Sacrement of Confirmation and per the parish dress code all of us girls had to wear a white floor length bridal style dress and veil with white tights and white patent leather shoes.Being the type of girl that gets nervous when i am in front of people,mom made me a cloth diaper to wear under my tights with white plastic pants over it.I did have an accident during the ceremony! After wards,mom had the foresight to put the diaper and plastic pants away with my confirmation outfit.I am 21 now and a new bride,having been married last june and i wore the diaper and plastic pants again under my gown with white pantyhose over them and i had an accident during our vows,as i was nervous again.

  44. Hannah Says:

    When i was 14 i was the junior bride in my sisters wedding and our mom made me a cloth diaper to wear under my gown by sewing the 24×27 inch cloth diapers together to make one diaper out of them.She got me the white adult size plastic pants to go over the diaper.I did wet a little in the diaper during the ceremony and right afterwards,mom changed me into a disposable diaper under the plastic pants.

  45. Dan Says:

    My wife and i got married in August of 1973.She was 18 and just out of high school and i was 21 and working.Since there were no disposable diapers back then,she wore the largest size cloth baby diapers pinned on with diaper pins and had extra large-super size baby plastic pants over them. She was the nervous type and wore them in case she had an accident.On our wedding night at the hotel,she took off her gown and the diapers in the bathroom and put on a babydoll white top and came out with her veil,the babydoll top and the plastic pants on and looked cute! I took off her top and we got on the bed and i then took off the babypants and the rest is history!

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