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6 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Scams

Monday, May 10th, 2010


People planning weddings spend a lot of money, and that of course, attracts a lot of scammers!  Think about some of these basic tips for avoiding wedding day scams:

1. Avoid paying large fees up front. Often scammers will pose as legitimate businesses and disappear on your wedding day.

2. Talk to friends, family and trusted sources about what wedding vendors and wedding planners they used and their experiences.

3. Monitor your credit, get in the habit of getting credit reports.

4. You’ll be getting a lot of e-mails from new and unknown sources, consider anti-virus software.

5. Many people sign contracts with vendors without reading through them with a critical eye. Read everything and make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to before making it legal.

6. Pay with a credit card. Disputing a transaction is easier with a credit card than with a check. Just be careful not to let the credit card become a vehicle for spending more than you can afford.

In addition to serving as OneWed’s VP of Marketing, Jennifer Napier is a guest contributor to the GroomsAdvice blog offering a little local flavor for the grooms. You can connect with Jennifer on Google+ and Twitter.

How are you protecting your wedding from scam artists? Let us know in the comment section.

Do Guys Have a Jewelry Style?

Friday, May 7th, 2010
Liberfarb Men's Platinum Band

Lieberfarb Men’s Platinum Band

I’m sure that almost every guy has been criticized at least once, by their girlfriend or fiancé, about what they’ve worn to one event or another. Let’s face it women spend an extraordinary amount of time planning the perfect look for each occasion. Guys just don’t usually think in the same way. This doesn’t mean that guys don’t care about they way they look. It just means that they don’t want all the fuss that goes with it.  They just want the right look made easy. Even when it comes to something as important as a wedding band, something that will be worn every day for life, many guys often default to, “It doesn’t really matter, just get me something”.  What many guys mean though is “just get me something that works for me”.

Well here comes the easy part, and you don’t have to be a jewelry maven to make the best choice. Simply break down the process into two steps – value and character.

True Knots Men's Platinum Band

True Knots Men’s Platinum Band

First, let’s talk value. When buying anything, everyone wants good value no matter what you spend. Therefore, let’s talk about the material used. Guys tend to lead active lives and a wedding band is going to be worn every day, so it needs to stand up to daily activity and not wear down easily – it needs to be durable. Choosing the right woman to be your wife and getting married is one of the most significant changes that a guy will make in his life so a wedding band needs to be special and significant – it needs to be a treasured material. Following this logic, only a precious and durable material is truly appropriate. Out of the many metals available for wedding bands this places platinum at the top of the value list. Platinum is one of the most durable jewelry metals and won’t wear down as easily as others and it’s also the most precious of metals at 30 times more rare than gold. Additionally, platinum jewelry is usually 90% – 95% pure as opposed to gold, which is usually 58% – 75% pure, making it better value for the money.

Now, let’s talk character. One easy way to determine what you might like to wear for the rest of your life is to choose a character you can identify easily with. For example are you more of a James Bond type of guy? Is your style sleek and sophisticated with an easy elegance – shaken and not stirred? If so, think about rings with elegant patterns, a mix of matte and shiny finishes, or perhaps a few diamond accents. Rings like Lieberfarb’s mixed finished styling are very elegant.

Are you more of a Rhett Butler? Is your style rough and ready for anything – Frankly, I don’t give a damn? You might want to consider more angular styling and matte finishes such as Jeff Cooper’s “Duet Collection” or Ritani’s hammered style band with a matte finish.

Or are you like Clark Kent? Steel and strong on the inside, cool and unassuming on the exterior – I don’t know what you mean, Lois? Rings like True Knots’ classic platinum wedding band are perfect.

So you see? Breaking down a guy’s style doesn’t need to be all fuss and muss. Simply break the decision down to the two needs. Value, to make sure you’re getting the best for your money, and Character, to get the style that’s right for your. For all the styles mentioned and an entire gallery of ring choices, or to learn more about the value of platinum, visit and find your perfect style.

When it comes to jewelry, are you a James Bond, Rhett Butler or Clark Kent? Tell us which and why in the comment section below.

Don’t Be THAT Guy At Your Own Wedding

Thursday, May 6th, 2010


My last guest post dealt with THAT guy at your wedding.  I received quite the response so I thought I’d go one more mile down the road and address how you, the groom, can avoid being THAT guy at your own wedding.  Trust me, it happens.  There are plenty of reasons for this occurrence.  They range from nerves, lack of eating, mixing boozes to good old hard partying and lack of control.  I’ll hit a few here, the usual suspects but I can’t get into some of the deeper, crazier reasons, because that’s between you and your shrink!  You DO NOT  want to look like this guy at your own wedding…do you???  Of course you don’t!

Eat It!  Just Eat It!

Each one of us has joked, at one point or another about getting a good base before a night of drinking.  Well as far as I’m concerned, there is truth to that.  Food in the belly makes sure the alcohol takes longer to get into your blood stream.  Making the wine make its way through a 16oz steak will help you.  But this is not just a night…oh no…this is a FULL DAY!  So make sure you eat, eat whenever possible, whatever possible.  Eat a good, solid, manly man breakfast, then eat lunch, solid proteins and the like.  From the ceremony to the cocktails there is a long time…so I suggest bringing food along.  I’m not saying that you pull out a hero sandwich just before you say “I do”.  But have the photographer bring along some food for the photo shoot or stick a sandwich in your pocket.  Keep the food coming whenever you can and try not to get hungry.

Go To Bed Early…And SLEEP

This is not directed at your wedding night…oh no…this is directed at the night BEFORE your wedding night.  Never make this night your stag night!  There is no reason to go out and get all “Jersey Shored” the night before your wedding.  You’ll only regret it later.

Use this night to have a great dinner, either with your Bride to be, your family or all your guests.  When they start to drink it all up, you make your exit.  They may rib you, but they will understand.  In all honesty, I would have a quiet dinner with your Bride to be, and your families.  Keep it an early night.  And if it’s all family, no one will try to pour shots down your throat.  Head to bed early, go over your vows and your speech to make sure all your I’s are crossed and your T’s be dotted, then go to sleep.  You’ll need your rest for the coming day.  Trust me on this, falling asleep, or even WORSE…passing out at your wedding is not on!

This isn't what your wife wants to see when you get to the hotel after the reception

This isn’t what your wife wants to see when you get to the hotel after the reception


Usually there will be some booze at the wedding, and mostly there will be a lot of the stuff.  Doesn’t mean you have to drink it all though.  Remember to pace oneself…patience is a virtue.  So be patient boys.  If you want to drink, then have a drink…no need to go double fisted.  Remember you need to be able to last the night and “then some”.  Yes I do mean the wedding night.  If you drink away your “performance” then I can’t help you.  But I can help you before this happens.  So slow down, and not only will you be able to give a ROCKSTAR performance on your wedding night but you’ll look better in all your photos and you won’t be tossing back you dinner on your guests or slurring your speech.  The speech you spent so long working on.  There is plenty of time to have a few too many…your wedding day is not one of these times!

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

Most, if not all of the guys I know love to head out and “tie one on”…myself included.  But let’s be honest here.  Your wedding is not the time to do this.  You have asked a bunch of your closest friends and family to join you in a celebration with your families and your future wife.  So you need to be a part of that celebration.

I’m not saying you don’t drink…I would never say that!  But what I am saying is put yourself in the best position to handle your booze fellas, book your stag a few weeks out.  That gives you plenty of time to recover.  If you have out of town pals coming in, set up a pub night a few days (if possible)before the wedding to hoist pints with them.  Don’t do it the night before.  Never do it the night before!

Drinking is a slippery slope, you feel good one minute, then you’re all over the floor the next.  You need to be on your feet, shaking hands, taking pictures and being a great guy, you need to be on your “A” game.  It’s just one day, you can do it.  Be cool!

Simon Daykin is an award winning event designer, planner and groom stylist with Fire Fly Occasions. Simon strives to get grooms involved in the wedding planning process and have their opinions heard. He understands that grooms can get left out or pushed out of the planning process so he’s here to help. You can connect with him further on Google+.

Peace of Mind: Avoiding the Wedding FAIL

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010


By Guest Blogger: Kyle Paterik of Dow & Associates

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a client’s wedding and reception at a posh South Pasadena mansion. The event didn’t cut any corners. It offered delicious appetizers, a top shelf open bar, hand rolled Dominican cigars, live music, even celebrities –  oh, and a drunk guest dancing on the roof precariously close to the ledge! My heart, and my client’s, skipped a beat envisioning the treacherous fall and liability claim before the security staff swiftly ushered her off the roof and into a cab. We breathed a collective sigh of relief, remembering that we signed a wedding insurance policy a week earlier. This would have covered my client for up to $4 million in liability and damages… if only there was a rider to repair the embarrassment of finding out the woman on the roof was his aunt.

I find that as many clients prepare for their weddings, they hear about the horror stories that occasionally coincide with the big day yet fail to get an insurance policy to protect against them. Some examples are rain at an outdoor wedding, photographers deleting negatives, lost/damaged/ stolen gifts, wedding rings or rental property, a runaway spouse and, of course, the occasional drunk aunt dancing on the roof (what good party doesn’t include that?!).  The great news is that wedding and private event insurance can be put in place for your wedding and tailored around your particular event. Even better, it’s relatively cheap! Ever try to find the best life insurance rates? Well, finding wedding insurance is no more difficult than that. Plans range from just $95 to $300. When many individuals’ nowadays are spending $20,000 to $50,000 and more on their weddings, doesn’t it make sense to insure that you will be made whole – at least financially speaking – if you hit a few potholes? On top of this, most venues require that you have some form of liability insurance to rent their space (especially if alcohol is served).

There was nothing more gratifying at the end of a great wedding reception than when my client made his way over to me and said, “All I was thinking about when I saw my aunt on that roof was “thank God Kyle helped me get that insurance in place. Thank you, I’ll sleep well tonight!” Find five minutes to contact us or your personal adviser to get a quote for your wedding, and cross one more worry off of your list.


Kyle Paterik is the Senior Consultant at Dow and Associates Insurance Agency, an industry-leading private insurance planning agency with more than 40 years of combined experience.  Kyle believes that it is essential to create a strong foundation and team strategy before walking down the aisle to help sustain a lasting relationship. Dow and Associates aims to inform and educate its newlywed clients as they embark on one of life’s biggest milestones.

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The Top 10 Soccer Wedding Cakes

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

With the World Cup in full swing, we thought it’d be appropriate to showcase some of our favorite soccer-themed wedding and groom’s cakes. Just be sure to keep Luis Suarez away from your dessert table. He’s been known to take unwelcome bites out of anything (and anyone) that gets in his way.











What team would your soccer-inspired wedding cake feature? Let us know in the comment section below.

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