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Great Moments in Best Man History: Matt Foley SNL Wedding Toast

Monday, May 24th, 2010

‘Ol Matt Foley took some time away from his van to toast this couple on their wedding day. Enjoy!

“Pro”posals: A Great Business Opportunity

Monday, May 24th, 2010


When the time comes to take the big step in your relationship and ask your girlfriend to become your wife, there are two things that strike panic in even the coolest of guys – buying the ring and creating the proposal. The two actually have a lot in common. Both are not done every day, both require a lot of research and planning and both can either leave you feeling like you’re king of the world, or a complete idiot!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just Google the word ‘proposals’ and get a list of companies who could do it for you – professionals who specialize in learning her likes, understanding what she wants, buying the perfect ring within your budget and creating the most romantic proposal that would be the subject family stories and folklore for generations? Well wake up! That doesn’t exist and it’s up to you to get it right. No wonder you’re panicked!

Left - Martin Flyer Platinum Engagement Ring ($3,647). Right - MaeVona Platinum Engagement Ring ($1,675)

Left – Martin Flyer Platinum Engagement Ring ($3,647). Right – MaeVona Platinum Engagement Ring ($1,675)

Fortunately, getting these elements right doesn’t have to be complicated.  All it takes is a little knowledge. If you’ve already started to research the engagement ring you’ve already heard about the 4 C’s. Well, for the proposal elements think about it as the 4 P’s: Planning, Preferences, Platinum, Perfection. You might even say, “planning her preferences predicts platinum perfection” as a way to remember.

Michael Bondanza Platinum Engagement Ring ($3,838)

Michael Bondanza Platinum Engagement Ring ($3,838)

When buying an engagement ring it’s important that you are planning to deal with a reputable jeweler who will work within your budget and give you the best information. You’ll need to understand her preferences. An engagement ring is the most emotional and important pieces of jewelry that she will ever receive. It’s something she’s been dreaming about since she was six years old. Therefore, it has to be perfect – the best. For this, you’ll need to make sure that it matches her style and contains the best elements – a quality diamond, and more importantly, a quality setting. Platinum is the only answer to that. We all know platinum is “the best”.  Platinum jewelry is more pure than most other precious jewelry, being 90% – 95% pure platinum. Also, platinum is more rare than most other precious metal jewelry, being 30 times more rare than gold. Most importantly for her (and for your piece of mind) platinum is a durable metal, able to stand the test of time by not wearing down like other precious metals, holding your diamond securely and creating a piece that demonstrates you feelings to perfection.

When creating the proposal you need to think about planning the right place and time.  You’ll need to think about her preferences. Would she prefer a grand and public proposal or something more romantic and intimate? Whichever her preference you’ll want to make it a “platinum experience”, meaning the best experience for her. These are the elements that will create a story of perfection that will be told over and over throughout your lives.

Sure, “Professional Proposers” might be a great business opportunity someday, however, in the meantime, guys are fortunate to have websites like The Man Registry to help guide them through steps like the proposal, and sites like to help them select the perfect ring for her.

Have you researched stones or settings more? Which are you focusing more on during your buying process? Tell us in the comment section below.

Why Choose Platinum Rings

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Novell men’s platinum wedding bands

Novell men’s platinum wedding bands

Special guest blogger David Tutera drops by to tell our grooms why platinum weddings bands are the way to go

The Diamond’s Security
David says: If you choose a platinum setting, it’s like having the ultimate safety clasp for your diamond. Platinum settings are more durable, more resilient, and will hold your precious diamond more securely than any other metal.

David says: For a ring you wear every day, choose something that’s resistant to life’s wear and tear. With platinum you can rest assured your bumps and bangs won’t result in significant metal lost – making it a smart choice for his and hers wedding bands.

Key Differences of Platinum vs. White Gold
David says: Buy a white setting that will actually stay white. Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white and doesn’t change color or need replating.  As an added benefit, platinum settings actually enhance the brilliance of your center stone.

Wedding Tips
David says: Propose with personality.  Make it echo something meaningful to your relationship with one another and do it in a place that highlights your love story.  That way you will be able to cherish and share it for years to come.

Matching Metals
David says: Matching your ring metals makes the most sense.  For the bride, both the engagement ring and wedding band should harmonize aesthetically and in terms of how they endure together over the years.  For the groom, when he chooses platinum for his wedding band he can rest assured his band will stand the test of time – just as his relationship will.

Status/High Quality
David says: Choose a setting that truly reflects how you feel about your partner.  Platinum is definitely the premium…it’s a mark of the deepest and most enduring relationships making it everlasting.

David says: Do you love your favorite celebrities’ platinum engagement ring but know it’s unrealistic for most budgets? Don’t forego your fantasy so fast! Designers have gotten creative and have endless options so you can have the high quality of platinum without the high price tag.

David says: Do you have sensitive skin? If the setting contains any alloys (as white gold does) it can cause skin reactions.  Platinum is 95% pure and hypo-allergenic making it perfect for all skin types.


What are your thoughts on platinum wedding bands? Post comments below:

Ohhhh Yeaaahhhh: The Macho Man Gets Married

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

As a big fan of the WWF of the late 80′s, this news is bittersweet: Randy Savage, aka “The Macho Man,” has tied the knot for the 2nd time – this time to Lynn Collins. Savage, who is still active in the wrestling community, is said to have found the love of his life again. The bittersweet part is that I always wished he would grow old with Miss Elizabeth. Sadly, she died of a drug overdose in 2003.

Love must be blind..

Love must be blind..


One thing is for sure, I need to find a Slim Jim ASAP.

2012 Top Father’s Day Gifts

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The clock is ticking with Father’s Day (June 17th) just around the corner. This year, do yourself a favor and get dad something he’s actually going to get some enjoyment out of. This mean no last minute e-cards (even though though Hoops and Yo-Yo are actually pretty funny).

Here’s our favorite gift ideas for dad:

Personalized "Proudly Serving" Pub Sign

Personalized “Proudly Serving” Pub Sign

Custom Home Bar Sign – Does dad have a home pub or man cave? If so, he’s going to need proper signage that lets everyone know just whose bar they’re in [$39.95]

Monogrammed Grillmaster Plus Apron

Monogrammed Grillmaster Plus Apron

Personalized Grilling Apron – Not only does this monogrammed apron let dad grill in style.. it also features a beer pocket! Grilling and booze… does it get any better. I declare that it does not. [$42.99]

RC Cooler

RC Cooler

Remote Control Cooler – Hands down our most popular gift. Is it really necessary to explain why? [$79.99]

Personalized Hampton Putter Set

Personalized Hampton Putter Set

Engraved Putter Set – Whether dad is a scratch golfer or perhaps just a putt-putt champ, he’ll love having his own putter complete in engraved case. Set includes the putter, two golf balls and a wood practice cup. [$44.99]

Personalized Rawlings Big Stick Bat

Personalized Rawlings Big Stick Bat

Engraved Rawlings Baseball Bat - Even if dad’s dreams of making the big leagues are long gone, he can live vicariously through our official size 34″ wood baseball bat. Pine tar not included. [$59.99]


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