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Introducing the Whiteflash Lotus Engagement Ring

Leave it to our friends over at to design an engagement ring that can make us dudes say “that’s pretty slick.”

The brand new Lotus Ring, designed by Whiteflash founder Debi Wexler and artist Leon Merge, was created to symbolize purity of heart and mind, long life, honor and good fortune. It features Whiteflash ACA Diamonds and is inspired by the Lotus flower (that is never touched by darkness). This may not make sense to you guys, but trust us, she’ll dig it. To sweeten the deal even further, Whiteflash is running a special for GroomsAdvice readers: purchase the Lotus Ring and matching wedding band and receive a free pair of diamond earnings.

Check it out:

Bottom line: if you and your fiance-to-be are shopping for engagement rings, add The Lotus to your list of options to consider..

check out the press release here



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  1. Vermont Bride Says:

    Nice and wonderful! I think no girl will refuse this.

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