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Grill Charms: A Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea for BBQ Lovers

Grill Charms

Grill Charms Steak Collection

Here’s a common dilemma for grooms: you’ve been shopping for groomsmen gifts but haven’t found anything that your boys are going to care much for. They like drinking and looking stylish, but they already have enough flasks and cufflinks to last a lifetime.

Enter: Grill Charms.

Grill charms are mini labels for your meat that help you remember which steaks, burgers or chickens breasts are being cooked medium rare and which ones are just medium. There are four sets available (steak, spicy, charmed, pink). Each set comes with six charms.  The beauty of these babies is that you can grill normally without having to worry about the charm falling out. Simply stick the charm in BEFORE you cook and proceed with grilling as usual. Any groomsman who knows his way around the grill will surely appreciate this unique gift.

chicken fire

MR & R closeup and yellow pepper

On the Grill

Up until now, what have you been using to mark your meats on the grill? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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