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What a Groom Won’t Do


We get a bum rap. You know, grooms. Apparently, we don’t like flowers; we don’t like colors; we don’t like to make decisions. Hard to believe, but it takes years to reverse those stereotypes, to tear down those walls. We hurt, too, ladies.

Then again, you should know that there are some things we absolutely won’t do. Yes, some stereotypes are true — that’s why they’re stereotypes. Brides, this abridged list is just a guide. Consult your groom for a complete directory.

1. Say “Fab” – No matter how “fab” something is … no matter how hard you try to drill it voodoo-style into our vocabulary … we’ll never say it. There could be a million Swarovski crystals hanging from a single centerpiece … we still won’t say it. It’s not you. It’s us.

2. Multitask At Your Level – Somewhere in our DNA we lack the chromosome that allows us to have six browser windows open while simultaneously emailing our wedding party, texting the photographer, faxing contracts, and phone conferencing with vendors. So pat us on the head and let us work at our own pace.

3. Cry Over Minor Milestones – We may tear up on the day, but don’t expect us to cry when we book the old school photo booth. We’re excited about it, too, but our lacrimal glands are limited — we need to save up our tears for the big day. We do that for you.

4. Help Plan Your Bachelorette Party - This doesn’t apply to every bride … but some do like their man’s advice when planning their last night of single womanhood. We won’t do it. It’s not that we’re uncomfortable with the idea. And we’re certainly not jealous, no matter how many police officers in tear away pants you may hire. We’re just afraid that you’ll want to reciprocate and help plan our bachelor party. And that’s just not an option.

5. Admit How Involved We Are – We know. You’re just thrilled that you are the one bride among all your bride friends who has the guy who’s involved. And, without hesitation, you’ll announce this at social gatherings, game nights, double dates, shindigs and soirees — but we won’t admit to it. We’ll laugh and deny it and quickly change the subject, especially in mixed company. So let’s keep our enthusiasm between us.

Brian Leahy is founder of The Groom Says — a safe haven for grooms who need a hand with wedding planning and brides who need a hand with their grooms. Check out the blog for some laughs and inspiration, and be sure to follow The Groom Says on Twitter and Google+.

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2 Responses to “What a Groom Won’t Do”

  1. After Yes Says:

    Well said Brian! As a wife and a wedding planner, I can safely say to all the grooms out there, it’s OK for you to not do these things. Being involved (in secret) and being a good husband is enough! :)

  2. Jessica Says:

    lacrimal – wow! someone paid attention in high school anatomy class

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