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Introducing The Man Registry’s Shark Attack Bachelor Party

sharkTMRlogoBachelor parties are supposed to be all about the booze, the strippers and the week-long hangovers, right? I mean, what could could possibly top alcohol poisoning,  getting stuck with the old stripper or having to convince your girlfriend/fiance/wife that you spent the weekend wine tasting in Napa? I’ll answer that question in one word:



The bachelor party guru’s at Firefly Events have bestowed upon us the highest honor possible for a men’s wedding website. They have named one of their adventure bachelor party packages after us! We even got to help create it – we were asked to create a concept for an adventure bachelor party the likes of which had never been seen… something that embodies the manliness of every man who registers at TMR. And we came up with… cage diving with Great Whites!

Firefly has prepared two custom packages that get you as close as humanly possible to the word’s deadliest predator.

Package #1 – “The Man Registry – Luxury 5 Day Isla Guadalupe Trip”Isla de Guadalupe is rapidly becoming the World’s best destination to dive with Great White Sharks. The best thing is the water temperature which averages between 67 an 72 degrees F, simply shark diver heaven, oh and the visibility is up to 100ft. (read more)

Package #2 – “The Man Registry – 1 Day Farallon Islands” - Each year in the fall, thousands of mammals congregate to the Farallon Islands to breed and calve their young, which means feeding time at the zoo for the largest Great White Sharks in world to feed on Elephant Seals before their long trans-Pacific migration. (read more)

Here’s what you can expect to see when diving with the beast:

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Does package #1 or #2 sound more fun to you? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. James Says:

    First hundred customers to book this package receive a Free high five!

  2. Best Man Speech Generator Says:

    [...] they announced their Shark Attack Bachelor Party, we weren’t sure whether FireFly Group Events could top that. They have proved us wrong with [...]

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