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Groom Clues: 3 Simple Steps to Being a Better Fiance (Part 2)

In my Groom Clues series I’m discussing three easy steps to becoming a better fiance. Step 1 introduced something every guy can get behind—food—and incorporating it into all wedding planning activities.  Food is a simple way to make the planning experience more enjoyable for the both of you.  I’ve learned that being a better fiancé doesn’t always mean extra work, it just takes some forethought.

Being a better groom isn't about harder work, it's about using your head and a little common sense.

Being a better groom isn’t about harder work, it’s about using your head and a little common sense.

Step 2: Volunteer for jobs that you can do well.  If you’ve taken the time to crack open any wedding book, chances are you’ve come across a page full of empty squares representing and endless list of tasks to complete.  This list of to-do’s is a great reminder of why you’re glad your bride is the one primarily in charge of the wedding.  Your fiancé is going to ask for plenty of your help with the items, so one way to make her feel special while making life easier on you is to quickly jump on the tasks you know you can do!

I knew that finding the right photographer could be a difficult & stressful task.  My fiance didn’t have anyone in mind and was going to start the search from scratch.  I, however, had a couple friends with contacts and photographer recommendations, so I quickly volunteered to take over this responsibility!  She now has one less job, and loves the fact that I stepped up to help, while I’m working on something i actually enjoy.

Grooms, pay attention to items on the list that play to your strengths.  You may not be great at finding ceremony location, but you could volunteer to schedule the visiting appointments. If you’re an organizer, volunteer to keep track of all the receipts and vendor documents.  If you’re on the computer all day at work, tell her you can be in charge of updating the online gift registries.  The more you voluteer to do, the happier she’ll be, and the less likely you’ll be stuck with jobs you’re terrible at performing.

Ben the Groom is a master of all things groom and is pumped to be onboard as a GroomsAdvice guest blogger. Ben is constantly searching out inspiration for style, ways to appease your fiancé, and tips to ensure smooth wedding planning. He is also dedicated to helping grooms across the globe be more involved, more capable and more prepared.

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