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Grooms, Keep Your Balls Dry on the Big Day

Take it from a guy that’s been through this wedding thing already: it’s probably not going to be the most comfortable day of your life. Now I’m not talking about battling nerves or stage fight at the altar, I’m talking about sweat…and not the kind coming from your pits. Think about it – you’re stuck out in the heat posing for photos, sitting on leather seats in the limo or even sprinting away from the church (like your friends will tell you to). You’re going to need something to keep your crotch dry. Gentlemen, I give you Fresh Balls.

freshballs2 Mr. Frank Brooks and his team over at Fresh Balls invented this new antiperspirant to help fight an ongoing problem facing men: the uncomfortable sweating that goes on south of the border. Hell, it even fights odor (which should help you out on the wedding night).

Fresh Balls was designed with today’s nut-sweating man in mind. It doesn’t clump on your skin or leave a power like most deodorants. And better yet, it’s aluminum, paraben and talc-free.  In English: it won’t irritate your skin. Like most of you surely are, I definitely laughed when I first heard the concept. However, after trying it out, there’s no going back.

Check out and be sure to watch the video of Frank explaining his struggle with under-the-belt sweat issues.

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3 Responses to “Grooms, Keep Your Balls Dry on the Big Day”

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  2. ben the groom Says:

    I feel dry just reading this! Great find guys!

  3. Peter Says:

    I used fresh balls till i discovered Manscapes
    Its an all natural , unscented spray that works wonders

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