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Wedding Memorials to Remember Loved Ones

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Weddings are such a joyful time in our lives filled with the presence of all those we love around us. But unfortunately, some of your loved ones may have passed on and will not be at your wedding. As your wedding day approaches you may be wondering how you can acknowledge the difference that person made in your life at your wedding.

A wedding memorial is a great way to remember loved ones.

A wedding memorial is a great way to remember loved ones.

Joyful Memorials At Your Wedding

I want to share with you some of the subtle and not so subtle ways that you can include the memory of your loved ones in your wedding day. After all, your wedding is a joyful day meant to be a celebration and your deceased loved ones wouldn’t want the focus to shift from you to them. But I know that they would appreciate that you took the time to honor them.

Here Are 5 Wedding Memorial Ideas:

1) Something Old- When it comes to picking your something old, something new why don’t you ask your parents if there is a piece of jewelry that was special to your Grandmother that you can wear on your wedding day.

2) Include Them In Your Prayers- Weddings often do have a spiritual side to them and in religious ceremonies such as a Catholic Mass, Prayers of the Faithful are read. This is a good time to remember and pray for any of your loved ones that have passed away. They can also be acknowledged in the ceremony program.

3) Carry Them With You- One of my favorite things to do for my brides and grooms that have had in particular a parent pass away before their wedding is to create a charm that we weave into their bridal bouquet. I simply laminate a small coin sized picture of the loved one and then affix it to a piece of felt (usually blue) then I attach a ribbon so that it becomes a bouquet charm. Another nice touch is to wrap the base of your bouquet with a vintage handkerchief that belonged to your Grandfather.

4) Give Them Their Own Table- You can also set up a memorial table with pictures of your loved ones and have some candles lit there for them. Then your guests can go by and remember them. I like when a bride makes a shadow box so that there is a picture of their Mother but then also a pressed flower from her bridal bouquet.

5) Make It Subtle- Perhaps your friend had a favorite song that she loved to play while you were driving in the car, you could play that as you walk down the aisle. Maybe you always said to your Dad you’d dance to a certain song together but instead you and your Mom could dance together (hey- why not?!).

6) Celebrate Their Traditions- Maybe there was a poem that your favorite Great Uncle always read at family functions, have one of his son’s read it at your wedding. Maybe you can wear your Grandmother’s dress just like Elizabeth in Lynn Johnston’s For Better For Worse comic I’ve posted here for you. Think of a way that you can honor the traditions that were important to those who have passed at your wedding.

Remembering those we’ve lost during our wedding isn’t meant to be a depressing affair. Life’s cycles continue, that’s what weddings are all about, another stepping stone in our great life path. Don’t ignore the feelings that you have around your deceased loved ones not being a part of your wedding. Instead honor your loved ones in a way that will have special meaning to you and keep their memory alive.

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