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3 Things the Groom Can’t Forget On His Wedding Day

There is so much to try to remember on your wedding day.  Most of this stuff should be handled by your wedding planner, but I want to talk about the stuff you, as the groom need to do.  It seems pretty straight forward and common sense, but you have no idea how many guys just don’t think of this stuff…we’re not really known for being the greatest thinkers, so I’m gonna help you out.

Wake Me Up, Before She’s Gone, Gone!

Everyone gets out of bed in the morning.  If you’re like me you hit the snooze button a few times.  I have even missed a few wake up calls that have made my trips to the airport quite stressful.  So here be my advice.  When you’ve called down to get that wake up call, call down again and get another.  After you’ve done that, set the alarm clock in the room, and set it LOUD.  After that, grab your cell phone and set the alarm on that.  The last thing you want to do is sleep in and be rushed or late to your own wedding, or even worse…miss the whole thing.  I always include a “groom wake up service” that I carry out personally; I will come to your room and bang on that door till you get up.  Any good planner should be doing this.

If You’re Not Hungry…Eat Anyway!

This starts with breakfast of course.  After your 4 alarms go off and I have banged on your door, head down and eat a good breakfast.  Wedding days are hectic and you don’t know when you’ll get another chance to eat a meal before dinner.  Have some sort of food on hand throughout the day as well.  This probably won’t be a meal, but get some protein bars or shakes to get you through the day.  Always try to eat whenever possible.  Have the photographer bring some sandwiches so you and your bride can grab a quick bite while other people are having their pictures taken.  Or maybe have shots taken of you and the groomsmen all eating hotdogs (this will work for the entire wedding party as well).  Plus, this way you’ll have some food in you when you hit the cocktail hour.

Hydration Not Libation

Don’t get all boozed up before the ceremony.  And don’t let your guys get hammered up either.  Some officiant’s will call the whole thing off if they even get a whiff of alcohol on any of the wedding party’s breath.  So don’t take the chance.  Do drink other stuff though, Gatorade and the like are good, they at least put some of the nutrients back into your body.  If you’re outside in July in a tux, dude, you’re gonna sweat.  So keep yourself hydrated.  Stay away from Red Bull, Rockstar and that crap, if you need an energy drink to get through the day (I use them for weddings) go for the little 5 hour energy shot.  Sure they don’t taste all that great, but they don’t have that crash at the end.  When the ceremony and speeches are done, now you can head to the bar.

Simon recommends that the groom keep some 5 Hour Energy on hand for the wedding day.

5 Hour Energy: Wedding Day Breakfast

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

Make sure you take care of yourself on your wedding day.  You want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest and God knows you’ve put a lot of thought into it.  People will be bombarding you all day, shaking hands, taking pictures…you’re gonna be “on” for at least 10 hours that day.  So keep hydrated, fed and leave enough time so you’re not stressed and rushed.

Two more quick things if I may.  While you’re getting ready and enjoying your tasty sports beverage, send some flowers or a gift over to your bride.  Have your best man, or a hotel employee walk it over.  This will put a smile on her face and that’s always good for you.  And lastly…write down your thank you’s for your speech.  Even if you don’t write out the whole speech, make sure you know who you need to say thank you to and don’t forget anyone.  And above all, take time to point out how great the bride and her bridesmaids look.  Guess that was three.

Simon Daykin is an award winning event designer, planner and groom stylist with Fire Fly Occasions. Simon strives to get grooms involved in the wedding planning process and have their opinions heard. He understands that grooms can get left out or pushed out of the planning process so he’s here to help. You can connect with him further on Google+.

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