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Themes for the Mighty Man Shower

I blogged about the Man Shower a few weeks ago and I thought I would re-visit it, because it has so much potential.  So…let’s get the obvious themes out of the way shall we?  The scotch bar, the tequila bar, the vodka, gin, and any other booze related bar theme.  While these are all good and fine to use, I want to suggest some more creative themes you can have for your Mighty Man Shower.  I previously made a reference to a signature drink theme which I definitely recommend reading.


Liquor & Beer: It goes without saying your theme will involve one (or both) of these

Spuds For All

I grew up in England and in England there was a little food place called “Spud U Like”, it was a shop that sold huge baked potatoes and you could put whatever you liked on them (I know England isn’t known for its food, but this was a great place)This is a great theme and relatively cheap as well.  All you need are big ass spuds.  When you send out the invite to your Mighty Man Shower, let the attendees know that this is what you’re doing.  They have to bring their favorite topping for a baked potato, simple right.  Well this goes well beyond cheese and bacon bits.  Think chili, baked beans, gourmet cheeses and a variety of really good meat.  Imagine a baked potato smothered in Blue cheese and steak strips.  The toppings are endless really.  This also works for hot dogs.

It’s A Manly Man, Man, Man Shower

As guys we love sports…I know whenever I can, I head to the bar with my friends and watch the UFC fights.  Good times.  You can have a sports themed Man Shower.  Get each of your friends to pick their favorite sports team, wear that jersey and bring a dish that is well known for the city that team hails from.  Philly is known for steak sandwiches so you better hope you have a friend who likes a team from Philly.  Chicago is known for deep dish pizza, New York for its thin crust, of course you run the risk of your buddy who loves the LA Lakers to show up with sushi…but you get the idea.  Get some great hi-lite DVD’s and some beer and there ya go!  Don Cherry’s Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Hockey is always a crowd-pleaser.

You’re The Don, The Godfather, The Big Canoli

The Sopranos may be off the air and Michael Corleone is probably sleeping with the fishes by now, but that’s no reason you can’t dig into a great plate of pasta “just like mamma used to make”.  The mafia themed Man Shower is so good, anyone who snitches about it will be fitted with concrete shoes.  All your guys come as their favorite gangster, try to think past the obvious ones and get creative.  The Simpsons have a whole mafia family to draw inspiration from.  Have them write down who they are, they must stay in character the whole night and you get to guess who they are.  Onto the food, pasta of course and plenty of red wine.  Put some classic Mob films into the DVD changer, push play and enjoy.

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

First and foremost, if you’re having booze at the Mighty Man Shower, don’t drink and drive.  Make sure you have places for your guys to crash or get cabs or Keys Please.  I always love a party with a good theme, I live for my annual Halloween parties.  So put your head together with your best man and come up with one kick ass theme for your Mighty Man Shower.  Remember, this has nothing to do with your stag.  It’s a shower like the one your fiancé has.  Shower gifts are up to you, but if she’s getting stuff I honestly believe you should as well.

Stags can be expensive for all involved, if you go to Vegas or the Playboy Mansion. I had a groom head down to Carnival in Brazil for his stag.  The Mighty Man Shower can be hosted at a friend’s place or even your place.  I suggest having a large space, preferably with a rec room and/or dedicated TV room.  And hey, if you’re worried about the clean-up, you can always have your buddies chip in to hire a house cleaner for the next day.

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  1. James Says:

    Great…now I really want a jacket potato. Thanks a lot Simon! No really, great ideas! For a venue my friends like finding a reasonable vacation rental. The price isn’t too bad if you’re all sharing a 3 or 4 bedroom house. It makes sense if your Man Shower lasts a weekend.

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