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Coldplay’s Jonny Buckland Gets Married in Weekend Wedding

Monday, November 30th, 2009

In the latest episode of musicians getting married, Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland has tied the knot with his jewelry designer girlfriend Chloe Lee-Evans.

Now that they're married, the Bucklands will be required to stick to Coldplay band-member protocol and name their first-born after a fruit.

Now that they’re married, the Bucklands will be required to stick to Coldplay band-member protocol and name their first-born after a fruit.

The couple, who have been dating for years, got hitched in an exclusive church in England called ‘One Marylebone Road.’ Natually, members of Coldplay including Chris Martin, Will Champion and Guy Berryman were in attendance. Also in attendance was Buckland and Lee Evans’ 2-year-old daughter, Violet.

I guess the only question left to ask is which variety of fruit will the newlyweds name their first child after?

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Rugrats in Your Wedding: Yea or Nay?

Monday, November 30th, 2009
Sure kids make cute additions to the wedding party, but can they follow instructions?

Sure kids make cute additions to the wedding party, but can they follow instructions?

It’s almost guaranteed to happen. Either you or your bride will have a close friend or relative who wants their child to be your flower girl or ring bearer. Kids can be a cute addition to a wedding party, as long as you keep your expectations in check. What expectations? Well, for starters, the expectation that the little tike will actually walk down the aisle as directed. Even the most gung-ho flower girl can get stage fright when faced with that big aisle. Make sure a trusted adult is on hand to help assist, and if necessary remove the tantrum-throwing child from the scene.

If all else fails, make sure the videographer gets plenty of footage of the crying and/or screaming tike. It’ll provide great blackmail material in about 14 years!

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Wedding Decor: It’s Not Just for the Bride Anymore

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Guest Blogger Profile: Simon Daykin

Simon says to think of your favorite bar when planning your wedding decor

Simon says to think of your favorite bar when planning your wedding decor

Some of my grooms come to me complaining…”Simon”, they say…”Simon…my fiancé wants all this décor in the room and she keeps talking about atmosphere and what not, all I want is for people to have a good time and I don’t care about all this décor stuff!”  To which I say, “Dude, the décor in a room directly translates to the enjoyment people have.”  Then I have them describe their favorite bar…and guess what?  Yup, they tell me all about the stuff on the walls, the booths and the way the lights shine on the bar and glint off the lovely bottles of fun time juice.  Guess what fellas, that’d be décor!  Décor plays a huge part in how people feel in a space.

A Whole New World

The right décor can take a space, a normal boring space and turn it into a whole new world for your guests.  Take a basic hall, laminate floor, cinder block walls, you know what I mean.  Now add some pipe and drape to the walls, a tented ceiling, some cool lighting, low couches and big pillows and you have an Arabian tent.  Like I said…a whole new world.  Just because your original space is uninspiring, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  Just a word of caution, if you’re gonna go for a tented ceiling, get an expert because those things are a pain in the ass if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So She Says It’s All About Atmosphere?

You just want your guests to have a good time, you’ve already taken care of the food and the music but your fiancé is still going on and on about the décor and how the room will look.  Truth be told, décor makes up a lot of the atmosphere and directly relates to how good a time your guests will have.  Sure if the music is kick ass and the booze is flowing they’ll have a good time, but think of this.  What if you went to your pub and all the décor was gone?  Everything else was the same but there was no atmosphere, would it still be the same?  The simple answer is no, no it wouldn’t be.  Think of the gasps, the “oh my God how good does this room look” comments you’d be missing out on.  You want your guests to compare all other weddings they go to, to YOURS!  You want them talking about your wedding for years to come, and décor has a HUGE part in that.

A Little Bit Of Both Of You

I always strive to have the wedding day feel like both the bride and groom have had a hand in planning the look and feel of the wedding.  I insist my guys sit in on as many meetings as possible and that they DO NOT miss the décor meeting we offer.  This way they can have their say.  It may be a simple request, some of my guys can be pretty chill on the whole thing, but others really want to get involved, I LOVE THESE GUYS!  The wedding should reflect BOTH the couples’ personalities, so the guests really get a feel of who they are.  You don’t want to walk into a room full of frilly pink crap do you?  Well, if you don’t take part in the choosing of the décor this very well may happen to you, and we don’t want that.

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

The décor will create what is essentially the backbone of the atmosphere and feel of the wedding so you both should be involved.  It will give that WOW factor as your guests enter your reception and will have them talking for years to come.  And yes, no matter how good the food and music is, it will take all that to the next level.

Get involved with the décor, it’s fun…seriously it is fun!  Make sure you have your opinion heard and don’t let someone else design your wedding for you.  Work with them as much as you can, even if you think your idea is really out there, get it on the table, your fiancé may love it.

Sadly décor can get overlooked in the planning process or cut back due to budget.  Always include a healthy chunk of cash for your décor, it’s like buying an amazing house and then getting your faucets and light fixtures from Wal-Mart, or restoring a vintage car, but not having enough cash to put the right tires on it, it’s heartbreaking.

Click here to book a décor meeting and get started on your one of a kind wedding, if you’re still not convinced…think about the frilly pink room.  Think about it….

The Man Registry’s Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


LogoSocialNetworks2-HatHate holiday shopping at the mall? So do we. Who wants to fight screaming mobs of people in frigid temperatures and wait in uber-long lines just to buy dad yet another tie? If you prefer shopping from the cozy comfort of your own home, office or cell phone, we’re your go-to source this holiday season.

For all the men on your list this year – young, old or young-at-heart – we’ve got you covered. This year, we’re offering the true mother-load of gifts ranging from personalized pub signs, barware and sports memorabilia to grilling, camping, hunting and tailgating gear – and much, much more. Take our advice, and skip those malls and save your sanity this year. If the men in your life want it, we’ve got it – and you can get it all online, right here.

Personalized Gifts


Personalized Custom Christmas Gifts

Want to impress the men, brothers, father’s, father-in-laws and friends on your list this year? What could be better than a personalized gift with with their own name or initials emblazoned on it? Not much, if you ask us. Explore our range of personalized gift items here: Pub Signs, Golf Gear, MLB Sports Sets, Coaster Sets, Beer Mugs, Bottle Openers, Koozies, Coolers, Leathermans, Zippos, Flash Drives, Money Clips & Watches.

Home Bar Gifts

Christmas Gifts for the Home Bar

Cheers! There’s no better way to support your own drinking habits and ring in the new year – than by making sure your friends and family have the proper supplies to get their holiday drink on. Browse our selection of bar gifts here: Bartender Gear, Beer Boots, Beer Pong, Koozies, Cigars, Coasters, Coolers, Bar Signs, Drinkware, Flasks & Wine Glasses.

Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Real men don’t get cold, right? If the men on your list are always outside – either hunting, camping, grilling or tailgating at a football game – when it’s only 20 degrees, these are the gifts for you. Check out our gifts for a wide range of outdoor activities: Backyard, Patio, Camping Gear, Hiking Gear, Fishing Equipment, Hunting Equipment, Tailgating, Water Sports


5 Wedding Traditions Men Can Be Thankful For

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Thanksgiving traditionally kicks off engagement season. For all of you men out there preparing to pop the big question soon, here are five wedding planning traditions to remember to be thankful for as you’re shoveling turkey and mashed potatoes down your throat on Turkey Day.

Rake in the loot at your Man Shower

Rake in the loot at your Man Shower

Man Showers – The man (or groom) shower is a relatively new kid on the wedding block. The average bride has 2-3 bridal showers. Until recently, the average groom had, well, 0. What is this “man shower” all about? It’s not as disturbing as it sounds. If ‘Sex and the City’ is a bridal shower, then ‘Entourage’ is a man shower.’ Think a grill-out at the Best Man’s house followed up with a little backyard pigskin action or Call of Duty 6. Of course, it wouldn’t be a shower without the groom-to-be receiving some gifts from a manly wedding registry.

It wasn't a successful bachelor party unless the groom looks like this at the end of the night.

It wasn’t a successful bachelor party unless the groom looks like this at the end of the night.

Bachelor Party – We all know about this one, so we’re not going to bore you with talk of steak,  booze, limos, casinos wait… that’s not boring. Planning the bachelor party is generally a duty reserved for the Best Man. However, as the groom you should remember to suggest activities/destinations you are interested in. Whether it’s Vegas, strippers or an adventure bachelor party – be sure to get what you want!

The groom is fully responsible for selecting the theme of the groom's cake: make it count.

The groom is fully responsible for selecting the theme of the groom’s cake: make it count.

Groom’s CakeThis cake is all about the GROOM. Are you a hunter? golfer? Star Wars fanatic? Plan your groom’s cake accordingly. While commonly referred to as an “accessory” to the main wedding cake, groom’s cakes are often the more memorable of the two. Serve this baby at the wedding reception or as dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Lots of guys go for a sports-related grooms’ cake like I did.

Don't just remove the garter, make a spectacle out of the removal

That’s right… own that garter!

Garter Removal – As close as you can come to having sex at your wedding reception. You’ll want to plan your garter removal carefully as it’s become a sort of a pissing contest for grooms. Just how sexual can it get? It’s also a great chance to show off your dancing moves (see above). Savor it because it’s probably the only time you’ll ever get to have your hands up your wife’s leg while her parents stand 10 feet away.

Last but not least...

Last but not least…

Wedding Night Sex …and honeymoon sex for that matter. Something tells me that we didn’t’ have to remind you to be thankful for this. Who knows what kind of sexy lingerie your new wife will be waiting to showcase on the wedding night. Wedding night sex is extra important for those who waited for marriage to go the distance. If you fall into that category, might we suggest a very brief engagement?


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